I love this prospecting sentence…. by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

“If you hate commuting to the city for work every day, then we should chat.”

Most prospects smile and say, “Let’s chat now.”


Humans are terrible with delayed gratification. We want instant rewards.

For most prospects, we can be more effective by talking about 30-day or 60-day rewards. This also gets our prospects to decide to start now.

If we talk about the big picture, like earning a full-time income in two years, prospects will delay and lose their sense of urgency. Two years seems like too far away.


Not everyone wants all the details. Let’s give them the option of starting now or listening to the details first. Green personalities are always surprised to learn that some people are ready to start working immediately.

We can say, “Should we start immediately? Or do you want to see more details before we begin?”



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Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
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