I was Blessed to know and work with Bob Proctor By George Madiou

Bob Proctor influenced me the most in my early days in network marketing.

I met Bob Proctor in the early days in a company called Nikken. He was one of the greatest teachers and coaches that I had come across. Back then another great trainer was on the scene, his name was John Kalench.

John was an incredible trainer in the area of prospecting. John was also a teacher of important concepts like goal setting and purpose, dealing with objections, and follow-up. A third great trainer was our very own Brian Biro.

Brian discusses in this month’s article while honoring the late Bob Proctor, what a generous person Bob was. The Bob Proctor that I got to know and admire was one of the most extremely kind, helpful, and generous people I have worked with in our profession.

I am so grateful to my great friend, Brian Biro who has reflected some wonderful memories of his friend, Bob.

I want to add a story to Brian’s, that reflects what kind of person this icon was. Years ago, as a leader in Nikken, I was blessed to bring in these legends to train a new generation of networkers.

I had put together a weekend event in South Florida with hundreds and hundreds of networkers that John Kalench was going to be the key trainer. Just a few days before the event, John was taken to the hospital.

The first person I called was Bob Proctor. Bob never hesitated and was there days later. We started the event on time.

I let Bob know we had another issue. I told Bob that John had a new book and he had shipped not a couple of dozen cases of books, he sent us an entire pallet of books! Bob said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the books.”

Bob started his training by apologizing that John wasn’t at this training but he was honored to fill in for John Kalench. Bob then asked everyone at this weekend training, “as leaders here in South Florida, I want you to give your groups the best training tool to grow your team’s business. Rather than purchasing a few of John’s books, what I would like you to do in not only supporting John, but especially supporting your team, I would ask you to purchase an entire case of books and use them as well as if John is training your team.

We ran out of the entire pallet of cases of the books!

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Below is the autographed book of Bob’s that I talked about in this month’s intro. I smile, every time I think about when he yelled at me…. What did you do to my book, Madiou? I said I read it Bob!

George Madiou
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