I would never meet a stranger by Phyllis Hayden

I would never meet a stranger

My Shero (mother) would always say to me “you have a gift for working with people, you will build good relationships and make a difference in people lives”. She would tell others that I would never meet a stranger.

At age 15 I volunteered as a Candy Striper at the local hospital. My assignment was to deliver products and services to the patients. I would take them on appointments and listen to their life stories. I was so passionate about helping them feel better, I would write them notes, and would give them smiles and hugs. After volunteering for two years, I received several awards for being the most passionate volunteer.

My Shero was a nurse and she was an entrepreneur. As I went off to college, she told me to stay focused, work hard and always keep my options open for other streams of income.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Science Degree and then a Masters in Education Administration, I was expecting to be paid a good salary for my educational experience. I was happy with my educational success, happily married with a great son, I thought I was living the American Dream.

However, I experienced some life challenges, like so many others have experienced. Some of these life’s challenges were, I became a divorcee, a single mom, saddled with credit card debt, living paycheck to paycheck and working a part time JOB (just over broke).

Fear of Failure was always with me. 

As an educator/administrator, I was overwhelmed with long school hours, meetings, events and I was absent from my son’s basketball activities. I knew I needed to make some changes, I reflected back on what my shero said about keeping my options open and making a difference in others’ lives. I decided to leverage my talents in helping other people.

After twenty seven years with the Dallas public schools and with only three years shy of full retirement, I decided to OWN MY LIFE and help others do the same. I was introduced to MLM and was excited about becoming the strongest advocate for MLM. I went from Linear Income to Leveraged and Residual Income. In my first year, I became a six-figure earner, breaking company records and building international teams around the world.  I was able to pay off credit card debt, eliminate my car payments and provide a better quality of education for my son. Most importantly I was able to open my Dream Boutique.

While staying humble I was able to duplicate the MLM model and help other women see that if I could do it, so could they.

So many women are attracted to MLM because of the Power of Residual Income. It is the greatest industry in the world and I encourage more women to participate in it’s advantages. MLM gives women a way to socialize and contribute to their household income and create a fulfilling life with their families. It allows them to take control of their undeveloped dreams by having the financial freedom most people only dream about.

Women are successful in MLM because they are action takers, and at the same time they help others to do the same. We are Believers, and we can get the job done! We believe the impossible is possible. We are Dreamers, and we want to help other dreamers that will take action based on their beliefs. We are successful because we listen and ask the right questions, we understand, we care, we are coachable, and we are encouraged by our desire to help and nurture others to be their best.

My Success has come from the vision of the work we do in MLM and to make the world a better place.  This duplicatable model has taught me to share with others, when you make a positive difference in someone else’s life, you get rewarded.

If you are wanting to own your own life, MLM is the answer and if others can do it, so can you!

  • Phyllis Hayden

    Owner of Transitional Woman Boutique, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach with First Fitness Nutrition, Phyllis is a woman in action, inspiring others to live their dreams. Her passion is empowering others to thrive in a changing world and seeing them overcome their health and financial challenges.

    Only 3 years shy of full retirement with Dallas ISD, Phyllis Hayden decided to resign after 28 years of service as an Educator and Administrator. Standing firm on her belief of helping others to succeed, Ms. Hayden catapulted herself to the very top of her new career as an entrepreneur in less than 2 years breaking records by helping others to succeed.

    From her vast experience as a single mom and entrepreneur, Phyllis has developed a strategy of taking your dreams, goals, strengths, passions and transforming them into a successful business model. She lives by her personal mantra - Encourage people to Believe it! Speak it! Receive It!

    She built a multilevel business across the nation helping people build home based businesses. Phyllis’s newest endeavor is THRIVE: 4 Pillars of Success. Faith, Freedom, Fashion & Fitness. Motivating others and showing them that if she can do it they can too!
    Phyllis Hayden

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  1. AvatarRose Dixon

    Love this article.. it’s very motivation and inspiring…

  2. AvatarRoslyn Crim

    I thank you so very much for sharing your story. I so relate to you and this article and I know that this is relatable to the every day person/woman. You are such inspiration!
    Roz C. – TX

  3. AvatarCordelia Levi

    I can truly say that I am one of many women that have benefited from the knowledge and experience that Phyllis Hayden brought to MLM. I have seen so many Soar to new heights under her leadership, and I believe that her impact will grow to levels far beyond her expectations.

  4. AvatarQuinn Curtis

    PHYLLIS I a phenomenal leader and business strategist. I have gained many insights from her.


    The article was great most successful direct sale professional have life changing
    events, that initially leads them to networking marketing.

    Phyllis follows that norm, but her tenaciousness, vibrant personality, leadership
    skills, a compassion to help people succeed makes her unique.

  6. AvatarNigel Branson

    Great article by an awesome leaders. Proud to have you on our team.

  7. AvatarAlline Warren

    Phyllis has been a Mentor to many. Her passion has been about helping others to succeed. No one is a stranger to her, and that trait has propelled her to become the successful Entrepreneur she is today.

  8. AvatarLinda Peterson

    Phyllis Hayden
    Thank you for the opportunity to express my feelings about this amazing God driven woman. She is a truly spectacular person! After my retirement, I was blessed to meet her and my life changed. Her encouraging spirit has kept me looking me on track and flying higher and higher!
    Thank you Phyllis
    One of your eaglets!!!

  9. AvatarGregory Hayden

    Phyllis Hayden is a powerful leader in the MLM industry. I have watched her help many individuals have success under her leadership.

  10. AvatarDenise

    Great article on an amazing woman. Ms. Hayden definitely loves helping others. Many times she puts others needs before her own. She is a firm believer of blessing others. If you’re thinking of starting a home-based business in professional network marketing, Ms. Hayden is definitely the leader and trainer to follow.

  11. AvatarJuanita Craft

    I’m so proud of Phyllis! Not only is she a go getter, she is genuine. Her kindness is no front. Love her to pieces!

  12. AvatarErica

    Your such a star 💫

  13. AvatarTerry Stewart

    Phyllis is a strong leader that will work as hard for you as you are willing to work for yourself. Thank you Phyllis.

  14. AvatarRicky braxton

    What a great leader

  15. AvatarAnne Bruner

    I’ve known Phyllis Hayden for 13 years! I saw her from afar and knew I wanted to meet her! I later found Her enthusiasm and love for people was ginuine! Her passion for helping people get healthy along with becoming wealthy has been phenomenal! And it’s true, she never meets a stranger! She’s definitely a go-getter and a leader !

  16. AvatarGeen Hall

    I’v known Phyllis Hayden for many many years, we are considered as family. Actually Phyllis brought my husband and I together. We have been together for nineteen years, my husband is a Pastor, our Church is in Terrell, Tx. Phyllis is a good Christian lady always looking to go higher in what ever she does and will envite you to travel that journey with her to help you improve yourself.

  17. AvatarThelan Boyd

    Truly a trailblazer that is passionate about helping others….


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