I Am Clairvoyant (and so are you) by Larry Hochman

Larry HochmanThe more I look around – and within – the more I begin to realize we all have some level of clairvoyance. I got a vision today of the concept of clairvoyance, or clear vision. Most people see this as someone who peers into the future, tells you the winning lottery numbers, and predicts the date and time of your death. No doubt there are some people who have this kind of talent (gift may not be the correct word). But the more I look around – and within – the more I begin to realize we all have some level of clairvoyance.

Break the word down. At its root it really means clear vision. We see things clearly that may not be apparent just by using our eyes. Do we understand things – have a clear vision from using our other senses or intelligences?

 NULL Of course we all do. Almost anyone can look at a student who is tired and have a vision of him or her doing poorly in school that day. That’s an easy one. Someone who’s a little more sophisticated and in tune with emotional intelligence has the skills to see someone’s level of energy and figure out how they will do in an area that’s important to them.

Want love? Money? Self-Respect? What kind of energy are you putting out? Someone in tune with energy will pick up on this and make some pretty accurate predictions.

I don’t know when you will hit the lottery, or if you’re second cousin will fly in from California. But if you stick around with me a while I will have a very clear vision of something important to you will manifest itself, and if it’s the way you’d like. That one’s pretty simple for me. I acquired my “clairvoyance” through practice, self knowledge and a lot of trial and error. I use this clairvoyance with my students and clients on a daily basis. And I teach them to have their own brand of clear vision, starting with themselves. Let me offer you four steps to help you cultivate your own clairvoyance. It’s really simpler than you might think.

  1. Try looking at those amazing mystical powers we see on a continuum. There’s nothing magic or sacred about bending a spoon, knowing someone’s birthday, or predicting the next time the Cubs will win the World Series. It’s just a matter of getting greater access to a power you and I already have.
  2. Demystify the process. People who have the kind of clairvoyance we’ve been talking about don’t hear spooky music soundtracks in their head, or see green smoke, or anything else Hollywood has convinced us goes along with supernatural experiences. In fact the experience isn’t supernatural at all. It’s natural. Everything we see and do is, even if it isn’t the nature we’re used to.
  3. Patience and practice, patience and practice.

    Start small. Learn to trust your own instincts, separate from what other people think you’re supposed to be doing. Your feelings will lead you to the right answers of your own life. Eventually you might be helping others do the same.

  4. Spend time around people who have the “thing.” Whether it’s “The Amazing Ragoo” or your neighbor down the street, or me, we tend to take on the behaviors and attitudes of those we hang around with. Who are your running buddies?

You have that vision, even if you don’t use it, or aren’t aware of it.  You have the power to take that inner vision and create an external reality that matches up with your fondest wishes. Learn to trust yourself.  Learn to embrace your own power.  And learn to enjoy the journey that – consciously or unconsciously – you have chosen to take. Larry Hochman (860) 585-6266 NO MORE HOLDING BACK


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