I Am Not Just Another Credit Card Commercial… by Ariana Reed

Ariana ReedYour personal growth should be your eye opener. Your growth will produce good fruit. And it’s your fruit, that will produce your legacy.  $100? $2000? Priceless? Let’s not go there. But here’s what I can tell you about my value and the value of other networkers who are successful.

“Don’t try to fake it, until you make it. It’s a journey every person must take.”

Experience, rough roads, high roads, good times, and big checks are all common denominators of valuable networkers. So let me tell you how valuable we can be, and why value can go beyond valuable. If I were going into the banking industry for the first time and needed to pick a partner, then who would I choose? 1. Someone who has never been in business before. 2. Someone who was very successful in business before, but not banking. Or, 3. Someone who was very successful in the banking industry before. Well, I’d choose #3. NULL

If you want success – it’s all about who you hang around. Put yourself around solid leadership, and the troops will produce.

Smart and innovative marketing partners, will advance your visibility to others. Surround yourself with individuals who have superior business skills, and you will be superior as well. You want to know the secret of the 3% who are wealthy? Is it better parents? Is it a result of a better education? Could it be from having better finances? Possibly better location and/or timing? Those things all play a role, but are not the major contributor to the success. What makes a millionaire? What factors produce value?

Mindset. Attitude. Skill sets. Work ethic.

Those are the answers to the equation. A simple formula. A derivative of internal driven aspects that create the power. Looking at the big picture, it’s not just about being mentored how to make money. It’s about changing yourself to attract great things. Because at the end of the day, money isn’t the goal, it’s really just a scorecard. You see, it’s impossible to have the mindset, the attitude, and the skill set, and not to have success. Who you are on the inside – well, that is reflected on what you do to create the status or dollars. Those are the scorecards of your success. And think of all the benefits and perks you get by teaming up with the “valuable” networker. You’re going to acquire a large variety of skills, to include relationship building, performance boosting at your other job(s), increase in productivity in your other businesses, and even become a more consistent parent. Network marketing is the biggest challenge in business. One who has made it, become successful, partnered with other good networkers, can look in the mirror and know they have developed a millionaire mindset.

Everyone should do network marketing for the entire value. Not just the value of the mentor, but the value of the experience.

Personal development training, fiscal planning, leadership assessment, commissionable productivity, all can happen within the morning in this industry. Get mentored by the untouchables. Learn how to be accountable and how to have self-discipline. Learn to be selfless. Learn to be a high level problem solver, an efficient yet powerful communicator, a marketer, and learn about the Law of Attraction. Learn why you’re either going to make it or why you’re not going to make it. This value we possess is special. Pass the gift around and experience the true value of changing lives. Teach people how to catch a fish, instead of giving them a fish. Take this to the bank. Every living human being has 5 needs:

  1. Emotional
  2. Social
  3. Spiritual
  4. Physical
  5. Financial

Most people address the most “pressing” need first, and that is financial. But starting there is bad direction. Without having the first four in line, financial will never be achieved. Yes, it is the one that applies the most pressure to change, but it’s the last need that’s affected by one of the first four.

There are only financial problems, when the other four are lacking.

So, it all comes down to this. You have a choice. You have one life to decide if you have answered life’s questions and challenges before they arise. Are you destined for a bad marriage, because your output is pathetic? Will you never feel good about yourself, because you can’t stop being a victim? Can you ever reach your financial goals, or is it just too “hard” and too much “work”? Your life can be altered. Your ways can change. Money won’t do it. Your personal growth should be your eye opener. Your growth will produce good fruit. And it’s your fruit, that will produce your legacy.


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