If You Ever Think About Quitting By Jeff Altgilbers

If You Ever Think About Quitting

Excerpt from Jeff Altgilber’s new book, Reaching the Peak How I Climbed to the Top in Network Marketing (And How You Can, Too!) published by Success In 100 Pages.

Do you ever think about quitting? I did. So many times, I thought maybe I’m not cut out for this and maybe this is not for me. I’m not this and I’m not that. I’m no salesperson and I’m not a presenter because I don’t want to get up in front of a meeting room and talk to people.

When we find ourselves having these inner conversations, it’s usually because we are experiencing a disappointment of some kind. It’s never when things are going great. It’s never when we’re experiencing victories.

When you find yourself experiencing moments of doubt, stop and reflect on why you got involved in network marketing in the first place. Was it for money? Freedom? Pride? Security? Why did you start? People refer to this as finding your why.

But, here’s the thing: Finding your “why” is how you motivate yourself to start. Remembering your why is how you keep going.

When moments of doubt and frustration present themselves, it’s very important to reflect on the reason/reasons you started this journey in the first place. And if you quit, what then?

Where does that put you?

Something led you here, to this profession. To this possibility. Something you could not find out there in the “corporate” world. So, what was it? What was it that appealed to you?

Whatever it was that you couldn’t find, you can find and will find it here. If… you…don’t… quit.

Network Marketing Is Not “Easy”…

I never tell anyone who joins my team that network marketing is easy. It isn’t. I tell them it’s simple…because it is. The process of inviting people to buy your products and consider an opportunity, and then to show how to share the same opportunity with others, is simple—it couldn’t be any simpler! That’s the best part of what network marketing has to offer. But simple is not the same as easy. It’s not “easy.”

…But It Is Worth It!

Ask anyone who’s ever stuck with it long enough to succeed, and they’ll tell you. And, like I’m doing right now, they’ll tell you not to quit. They’ll also tell you that it gets easier. The more you do and the longer you persist, the easier it gets.

And in those moments of doubt and frustration, when things aren’t going your way, understand that it’s not going to be easier somewhere else.

Excerpt from Jeff Altgilbers new book, Reaching the Peak How I Climbed to the Top in Network Marketing (And How You Can, Too!) published by Success In 100 Pages.

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