If I Join This Company, Do I Have to Spend Money Every Month? by Dana Gore

Dana GoreDoes the idea of spending money on your business every month concern you? It won’t when you read what Dana has to say… It is one of the most talked about subjects in the world of Network Marketing. It is where we tend to get confused, nervous and apprehensive about opening up our very own business that if implemented properly could provide us with an ongoing stream of income for the rest of our lives. It is part of what makes people mistakenly believe this credible business model isn’t legitimate. What am I referring to?

Monthly product purchases.

I can relate to this. I know when I first sat down to evaluate the company I am now proud to be a part of I was concerned about the idea of spending money every month on product. Let’s face it… we currently live in some tough economic times. Even though we tend to get excited after learning about an opportunity to become our own boss and create our own schedules over time, the fact that there have been more layoffs than usual over the past few years makes us weary of any additional expenses. NULL

How can a person make sense out of purchasing product from themselves on a monthly basis if putting food on the table has become such a source of fear?

Well, think of it this way. We all use products. We wash our hair, take vitamins, send out cards, wear cosmetics, build and use websites, pay down debt, shop online… I could go on and on. Network marketing companies offer a way to use products that are of a higher quality available to us at a discounted cost. While this sounds great, it is only the beginning. In order to have an understanding of the benefits others are to gain through what we have to offer, we must become products of our products. We have to have our own testimonials before expecting anyone else to want what we have. We buy from ourselves and tell our stories to our prospective customers. In addition to having first-hand knowledge of how our products offer solutions to the problems we hear about from everyone around us, having an understanding of exactly what network marketing does for us depends on how well we understand the power of leverage and how it enables us to build our own economy.

Network marketers are visionaries. They see the power in teamwork and understand that the best way to reach people is by duplicating efforts.

“I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts” is the famous quote of Mr. J Paul Getty and this is what sums up network marketing. It is many people doing a little bit yet accomplishing a lot. When it comes to that “pesky” little monthly product usage, think of it this way… There are many of you reaping the benefits of what your company has to offer. Each one of you shares this information to people they know whose lives would improve in some way thanks to what you have to offer. Before you know it, an increasing number of people look to purchase the products you represent. This creates a higher number of customers. Since everyone benefits from the sales of their teammates… everyone wins… including the customer since they receive high quality products at lower costs because word of mouth referral marketing is far less expensive than traditional advertising.

I have worked in traditional businesses and I am a network marketer. I have seen the expenses involved in running a regular franchise and I can attest to the fact that they far outweigh the small monthly purchase that involves using your own products.

Speaking for myself… I have come to love the products I use and purchase from myself. I look forward to placing my order every month because I can’t wait to try something new that I get to brag about (and sell). I’m thankful I didn’t get too wrapped up in “the dot”. Otherwise I would have missed out on the pleasure of being involved in this wonderful industry and this publication


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