If it is simple, why don’t we do it? by Jillian Middleton

Jillian MiddletonBecause something is ‘simple’ like jumping out of an airplane -all you have to do is step off – that doesn’t make it easy. Simple formula for dialing money making calls: Sit down for 30 to 60 minutes: 1. Get clear on the intended outcome of the call. 2. Write out the bullets of what you are going to say. 3. Choose the time to make the call 4. Make the call How hard is that? It’s not, it is as we say ‘simple.’ But you don’t make the calls. Further, you keep promising yourself, and often your family that you are going to pick up the phone and do it. You say you’re going to do after lunch, or when the baby takes her nap, or while your husband cooks dinner. But you don’t. You weren’t lying when you said it, you truly meant to. It’s not brain surgery, so what’s the deal… why aren’t you making the calls. NULL

What’s the deal? Angst As A Process We have a concept mix-up. Because something is ‘simple’ like jumping out of an airplane -all you have to do is step off – that doesn’t make it easy.

Simple means uncomplicated. Its opposite is complicated. The opposite of easy is difficult. Difficult, as in stepping out of the plane.

I get things done, but often I have to agonize over it before I actually do it. It may actually only take me a few hours to actually write an article for The Network Marketing Magazine. However, before I actually sit down and spend the time I’ve spent two weeks or longer agonizing over writing it. Many of my network marketing clients spend days agonizing about picking up the phone and then finally spend the 45 minutes to an hour actually being productive and booking appointments. What are we doing in all that other time? We angst over whether or not they will listen to us and take us seriously. We angst over our ability to sound competent. We angst.

We use our angst to get us emotionally worked up in order to make the calls. Oh my, did you get that? We use our angst as a process to get us to move forward.

Your Brain Loves Process Your brain loves process. It recognizes the first steps in a process and puts your mind into habitual action. Watch how you set the dinner table, or get dressed in the morning. Your hands go into action without thinking. Why? Your brain recognizes the process and puts you into habitual action. Whether something is simple or not has nothing to with you doing the task. If you want to breeze through one money making task after another (well maybe not breeze) you gotta develop a brain process that puts you into ‘the working zone.” Watch a parent put a child to bed. It often looks like, bath, bedtime story, hugs, kisses, tuck in, more hugs, kisses, maybe another story but the process establishes the bedtime zone. Change Your Mind and You Change Your Life These are simple (uncomplicated) steps to put you into the money making activity zone. But establishing the process will take some effort. 1. Choose an actual time on the clock to accomplish the money making task at hand. Choosing the time is probably the easiest part of this task. Getting cooperation from all those around you is most likely the more difficult part. PREVAIL here. Nothing happens unless you book time. 2. Get clear about the real purpose of the call. What step are you on in your system? Are you closing them to the next step or is it time to get a commitment one way or the other? 3. Establish your process and get your brain into the money making activity zone. Get up and go for a short walk. Or listen to your favorite song. Or move your laptop and phone to your ‘calling corner.’ But establish your money making activity zone. 4. Write down talking points based on #2. 5. Dial.

Establishing your money making activity zone reduces your angst zone. Change your mind and you change your life.

Till the next time, Jillian Middleton http://www.savvysponsoring.com/


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