If I Were Starting My Home Business Again by Diane Hochman

Diane Hochman5 basic principles and a series of questions that can lead YOU to taking the right actions As a home business trainer, one of the questions I get asked often is this… “If you were starting your home business from the beginning, what would you do differently?” I smile when I hear that question. It’s actually a very good one. And like many things in life, there’s the simple answer and the more complicated – but ultimately truthful – answer. If you know my story, you also know I went from an overweight, depressed, broke housewife to happy, healthy, excited and loving businesswoman. (And yes, I make a lot of money.) And yes, there were a lot of “moves” I discovered along the way. There are absolutely a list of “must have” techniques that will let lots of people know who you are, what you have and how much value you can bring to them. NULL

And if I were starting my business again, one of the first things I would do is learn a few of these basic principles…

– Make it about the needs and wants of the prospect, NOT about you. – Align yourself with a mentor who has documented his or her success. Surround yourself with an environment of positive expectation. – Market a product or service that is in line with what people want, and make sure it’s something you can be excited about too. – Work efficiently. Notice when your time is being used up with things that don’t add value or bring money. – Make money fast. Even if it’s a few dollars, you set yourself up with your personal business culture of turning a profit. And so, so, so much more! I can do a seminar on this topic alone! In fact, I already do (wink).

These are important things. And people who understand these basic principles at the beginning of their business will set themselves up for success.

Now, do you want the REAL truth? If I were starting my home business again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because when I got started in 1999, I was SO ready for a change – my life was calling out for a new reality – that my desire for success drove me to learn all the stuff I now know. It was because of who I was and what I did to correct my life that I enjoy my success today. Rather than running from myself, I embraced me, maybe for the very first time. And it made everything else possible. So following my own advice, I’d like to make this about YOU… No matter how long you’ve been a home or small business owner, you can decide that TODAY is the beginning of your career. Think like your prospect.

What does he or she want? What kind of person do they trust to give it to them? What kind of value can you bring to them? Is the trade off (cost) one that would be worth it? Do you project confidence and competence? People follow strength and run from weakness. Are you part of a culture of success and positive expectation? Do you operate in integrity?

All important things, of course. And the most important…

Do you value YOURSELF enough to step into the role of a loving successful person, who sees mistakes and failure as a learning tool, rather than a badge of failure?

Do you internalize your own strength, love, compassion and determination? You’ll know you have when you can look it the mirror and say… “I AM starting my home business today!”


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