If making money is the object, systemization is the key by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonMoney is not the true success, it is who you are and what your life is like that is the real success. But money sure is a great way to exchange for the life you want.  One of Jack Canfield’s favorite things to do at his seminars is to hold up a hundred dollar bill and ask anybody if they would like it. Everybody’s hand goes up, lots of people holler that they do want it. But it usually takes a little while before somebody realizes if they want the money, they need get up out of their seat and take it from him. The point he is obviously making is that you have to take action on the things you want. This is absolutely the truth.

I am going to take it one step further and say you have to take systematic action to really get what you want. That is the key.

 NULL So I can pretty much guess that making money in network marketing is one of the most important reasons that you got into it. At least for most people, that would be true. So that is why we must think beyond selling the product or selling the business. We need to put in place the systems that will help us make money and then keep money coming in. Though there are seven sure fire things that you should put into place, we will talk about the top two. They are asking for referrals and building strategic alliances. Sure you read the first one and say, “I am already asking for referrals”. That seems simple enough. But I am going to step out here and say that a majority of people are not getting enough referrals. And who is in charge of getting the referrals? Us, of course! We have to have systematic referral programs in place. I know sometimes we will ask for a referral and that is okay.

But to really get strong in your business you have to ask for a referral every time. And not just one referral.

Let’s say you are in one of the great skin care network marketing groups. When you have helped someone find a product they like and know is really going to help them, do you ask for a referral? Good if you do. But do you ask them to send a letter to their friends or associates on your behalf? We all know that we are connected to hundreds of other people; that is part of why we are in network marketing. So ask them, “Do you like that product? Do you believe there are others that you know who may like to try that to? Would you be willing to send a letter to your friends or family recommending it? I will write the letter and with your approval of it, you could then send it to them. Fair enough?” If they really liked the product or service and even more importantly if they like you, there is a good chance they will do it because you asked. So even if they send it to twenty friends and you only get three more sales from it, do you think it was worth the asking? So now you want to put on paper, how many referrals you are going to ask for each day. Know how many different ways you are going to ask for referrals. Decide how you will reward people that send you referrals. These are all systems that if you will put them in place you will see your business grow significantly.

Another way to both get more referrals and make more money in network marketing is to create strategic alliances. What this means is you want to connect with other people that can refer you to their clients or customers.

So what I want you to do right now, is take that pen and paper again and write down all the people/businesses that your client would be going to before and after they go to you. You are going to take this list and systematically create ways to create those alliances so you can make more money. So again let’s say that you are in the skin care business. Before coming to you a customer may go to a beauty consultant to get their hair fixed or go get their nails done at a salon. After you they may go get new shoes or go buy a new outfit. So people who are in those types of business are the ones that will become your strategic alliance partners.

Once you have written all the types of business that would be your strategic alliance partners, you will want to decide how you are going to work with them.

Maybe it is just simply to ask to have your business cards in their business and you will do the same for them. An even more dynamic way may be to have a special event where the three or five types of ‘like’ businesses come together so that you are all connected to each others groups of contacts. Maybe you can swap links on each others websites. All of these are no cost to you but can help expand your market and even make more money instantly for you. There are lots of ways to make money in network marketing. You just have to constantly look for opportunities, read articles and books, and continually look for new ways to get yourself out there. Money is not the true success, it is who you are and what your life is like that is the real success. But money sure is a great way to exchange for the life you want.


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