If the VALUE is high enough, the cost does NOT count! by Paul Morris

paul morrisFind out how you build value in your product or service.  Do you ever notice how some people just go out and sign up all of their friends at the highest entry level or get them to purchase the most expensive enrollment package their company offers? How are they able to get their friends to part with their hard earned dollars while the next distributor has a difficult time signing up new distributors with the smallest amount package available? It all boils down to the PERCIEVED VALUE.

People do not really SPEND their money, but rather they EXCHANGE it for something of equal or greater VALUE to them.

So when a prospect looks at a new business opportunity they are not really looking at what it COSTS but rather “What will I get in EXCHANGE for the money I spend? If their perception is that all they will get is a box of products that they could possibly get at a local Nutrition Store or a service they could find online for the same or lesser price, then most likely they will not buy from you. NULL  The reason why they did not join or make a purchase is very simple… the VALUE was not high enough! (For them to want to EXCHANGE their money for what you were offering.) So how do you build value in your product or service? First you can talk about the superior quality of your product. Talk about the QUALITY of the ingredients or of the service. Know what your edge is over your competitors and emphasize that special quality. If your phone service is with a company that has fewer dropped calls, then showcase it and brag about it. Point out the importance of not having a dropped call in the middle of an important business transaction. If your nutritional supplement has no sodium benzoate, then point that out and talk about the VALUE of not having that in the product.

Find out what makes your company or product different from all the others and sell the VALUE of that difference to your prospect.

Talk about the increased business one could have if they had a top quality service that you offered, or talk about the extra sales they could make in their current business if they had extra energy from your nutritional supplement or did not get the flu this year. In other words, talk about extra earnings potential by using your product. Next you can talk about the financial SAVINGS by using your product or service. If your $99.00 flat rate cell phone service would replace their cost per minute plan that was currently costing them $150 per month, or if your multivitamin supplement will replace several bottles of other nutritional supplements then build VALUE by pointing out the SAVINGS by using your product or service. If they ask what it will COST if they buy your product or service, tell them that the real question is “what will it cost you if they do NOT buy your product or service?” And then give examples of what if they got sick due to poor nutrition and had expensive doctor bills or missed time from work or building their business or lost a big sale because their phone service was not working. Talking about what they may lose by not having your product builds VALUE for having your product or service. If your product is concentrated or more potent than your competitions then point out how your cost per day is a lot less than your competitors.

Remember that while the special features of your product create value to the prospect, the most important value of your product lies not in what the product IS but rather in what the product DOES for THEM.

“People buy a product not based on what the product IS, but rather because of what the product DOES!” Prospects are more likely to attend a presentation if you build VALUE in the presentation by telling them that at the presentation you will show them what this product or service WILL DO FOR THEM. They will be exchanging their time for the VALUE of the presentation. If you build curiosity as to what your product or service will do for them then they will see VALUE in attending the presentation. You can build value into your relationship with them by telling them it would be fun to work together as you have always wanted to get to know them a little better. It shows that you accept them and your acceptance of them shows that you VALUE them. Last but not least and actually the most important: Build VALUE in YOU being their supplier or sponsor.

If they are a potential customer, tell them they will be your CLIENT and that you are there to serve them. If they ever run out of product you will rush a bottle right over to them. If they are a potential distributor, assure them that you will take them under your wing and teach them everything they need to know to build the business. Tell them you will be there for them to do meetings, three-way phone calls and to counsel them. This factor alone builds VALUE in them joining with you. You can add the fact that you spend extra special time with those who purchase the larger package thereby creating VALUE in them buying the more expensive package. You can point out that if they buy the larger package then their prospects most likely will do what they did and also buy the larger package and that they will get a larger fast start bonus (if applicable) and they will earn more money faster, again building VALUE in buying the larger package. So build VALUE and watch your sales soar and watch your business explode!


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