If You’re Really Serious About SUCCESS, You Need One of These… by Michael York

Michael YorkBe COACHABLE and see what can happen for YOU. I started in the marketplace in 1978. Through 5 decades in the pursuit of success, What’s one of the greatest pieces of SUCCESS advice I’ve ever been given?

“When you’re really SERIOUS about ANYTHING… you need a COACH!”

It’s been said over and over, “Success Leaves CLUES.” If that’s true and I believe it is, then I think it’s also true that— BIG SUCCESS Leaves BIG CLUES! So what’s a great example of a “BIG CLUE OF BIG SUCCESS?” The BEST (in anything) have a COACH! Maybe several coaches, like in football there are line coaches and quarterback coaches and special teams coaches and of course the HEAD COACH. Every 4 years we watch the Olympics again and see story after story of individuals who train daily for years just for a shot at Olympic Gold. Big Clue: You’ll NEVER find a gold medal Olympian without a COACH. NULL

In fact, study anyone even PARTICIPATING in the Olympics; they have all had coaches for years, maybe decades. I’ve seen first-hand what can happen to ordinary individuals who become skilled soldiers in a matter of weeks. Seemingly ordinary players who become championship performers in a season, or business owners who create radical success in the marketplace, all because of a single individual… A COACH! For many years I’ve been fortunate to have worked with the “head coach of coaching” when it comes to marketing and coaching and winning in today’s marketplace. I’ve worked with “millionaire-makers” and some of the most successful Network Marketers who create fortunes and teach others HOW every day (while most let their unbelief or skepticism keep them from this million dollar coaching).

The one thing I’ve learned is WITHOUT A COACH, you’re just kidding yourself. The BEST in anything HAVE COACHES! PERIOD.

This is not NORMAL in the real world. But in Network Marketing this kind of “coaching” happens over and over again where super successful individuals COACH ordinary individuals to become super successful, or certainly MORE successful than they were before. Why don’t more individuals take advantage of this “built-in” accelerator in an industry where people from all backgrounds and all walks of life transform their lives through personal development, million dollar coaches, and positive environment. With coaches who help you to pursue time freedom, residual income, and all the rest that’s available without ever asking you for a resume? It should be obvious that actors, dancers, musicians, players, athletes, owners, students, PERFORMERS who are serious about becoming their BEST all have COACHES! Most other people DON’T! WHY NOT? If big success is leaving all these big clues why can’t more people find where the treasure is buried? Here’s my short list: 1. TOO Busy 2. Poor Fundamentals 3. Lack of Belief 4. Lack of Focus 5. No COACH! Too Busy “I’m just too busy.” Pulleeeezzzeee, everyone is busy.

The problem is most are busy on the WRONG THING! Give MAJOR TIME to MAJOR THINGS, that’s a lesson I learned decades ago from one of my coaches.

This is a LAME EXCUSE and is “quicksand” when it comes to sucking people into a pool of paralyzing goo instead of carving out time for things that really matter. Get a coach who can help you get untangled and quit kidding yourself that you need MORE TIME. It’s not available. 24/7 is all there is and you’re getting that now… The MAXIMUM AMOUNT of TIME that the Law Allows! Wake up. FUNDAMENTALS When I was playing football all those years ago one of the fundamental DRILLS was called the “3 man roll.” I’m sure to outsiders and innocent by-standers it looked like 3 guys jumping over each other while rolling on the ground over and over again. We did that drill EVERY DAY of practice for 4 years! FUNDAMENTALS never go out of style.

And to focus on FUNDAMENTALS you need a coach. Because there are going to be days where you don’t FEEL LIKE doing the things you SHOULD BE DOING!

BELIEF Believe and SUCCEED. This is Fundamental wisdom proven over and over. Coaches can help you BELIEVE BIGGER for you and your future than you can believe for yourself. This grows the VISION of the level of success you think is actually possible for you. Coaches of CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS know what it takes to make a CHAMPION. But that means the players, and individuals, and YOU have to be COACHABLE. And then…DO THE WORK! MOST people don’t BELIEVE BIG SUCCESS is available for them and as a result they overlook the clues that are right in front of them while searching for some SECRET or magic or lottery that will change everything for them. And because they have no COACH to help them BELIEVE they lose FOCUS and give attention to the wrong things! MOST PEOPLE FOCUS on these 2 things: What’s WORST about what’s going on right now in their life, or work, or “the news” or whatever. Let’s say, the LEAST VALUABLE AREA. What’s the WORST thing you can imagine? Now focus on that for a day or week or weeks and see what happens. Is it any wonder if that is the FOCUS of most individuals that we are a FEARFUL and WORRYING society (see CNN, your local news, newspaper, etc.)? What’s HAPPENED or happening or MAY HAPPEN (see #1). In essence, something that is BEYOND YOUR CONTROL.

That’s the prevailing VICTIM mentality that says you’re at the mercy of someone or something or outside forces or… more fear and worry that prevents individuals from taking action and lulls them into a pattern of “WAITING on THINGS TO CHANGE or SOMEONE ELSE To CHANGE THINGS.”

If you were going to CHANGE THE WORLD, would you wait for everyone else to change or just begin with YOU?

Here’s the VALUE of the CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE EVERYTHING MESSAGE… Get a COACH to help you FOCUS on what’s really important not what everyone else is focused on! The 2 things that the UNCOMMON minority (top performers, high achievers, Super Successful, MARKETING STARS etc.) are FOCUSED ON: 1. What’s BEST (just the opposite of the majority) about what’s NOW or what you’ve done or seen or achieved or what’s MOST VALUABLE to the marketplace. What’s BEST with you? By focusing on what’s BEST it provides some measure of encouragement and positive reinforcement that allows you to make decisions on life and work that brings greater COMMITMENT because what you’re doing is making a difference in “this area.” It also increases the VALUE and the encouragement you bring to those around you. What’s BEST (most valuable) about what you’re doing now? 2. What’s NEXT for you, your business, your life, your family, your (fill in the blank)…

When you FOCUS ON WHAT’S NEXT, we’ll call this IMPENDING VALUE, it brings an energy and inertia that propels you in that direction.

It’s actually a LAW that says a body at rest TENDS or has a tendency toward staying at rest, while a BODY IN MOTION or mind in motion TENDS to remain IN MOTION or be propelled in the direction of the NEW THING THAT IS NEXT. This is the kind of “entrepreneurial adrenalin” that most individuals have felt who started their own business or began an enterprise or pursued an idea. And it’s difficult to explain to anyone who HASN’T. But they can be COACHED to do it as well, or even better than someone who has already done it. It’s an ENTREPRENEURIAL EXPERIENCE that brings positive energy that is unmistakable, and can bring an excitement and a passion that transcends the day-to-day STUFF that we all have to deal with. It is also visually evident and creates a PERCEIVED VALUE others can see in you. Coaches keep you FOCUSED. On maximizing your TIME! On perfecting the FUNDAMENTALS! On BE

When we FOCUS on WHAT’S NEXT all the other STUFF seems to become less and less that “paralyzing force” and must step aside for anyone who is ON THEIR WAY to what’s next and has made a commitment to go there.

Taking charge of your THOUGHTS and your FOCUS is one of the powerful clues that success has left behind for centuries. And the foundation for creating greater VALUE in the marketplace and in your life, while MOST INDIVIDUALS go about their “too busy” existence and NEVER SEEM TO NOTICE. Sad, but true. If you need some POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT to help with your FOCUS on what’s really important today, go back to basics with some of these books and timeless messages: “THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napoleon Hill (re-read it) “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz Don’t neglect the VALUE of positive messages and FOCUSING on these 2 things that bring you through the difficult times toward BIG SUCCESS. What’s BEST…and WHAT’S NEXT! Some of the greatest coaching may come to you through books and recordings from people you may never get to meet. Some of these COACHES have had a huge impact on me and thousands upon thousands of others. I never met Napoleon Hill but he has certainly shaped my thinking and my FOCUS in creating greater RESULTS and greater SUCCESS. And oh by the way, GET A COACH! Then be COACHABLE and see what can happen for YOU. To Your Uncommon Success, Michael


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