Improve your marketing with the Help of Google Analytics by David Feinstein

Improve your marketing with the Help of Google Analytics by David Feinstein

2017 has been an interesting year in all aspects, with current changes in American leadership to new tech on the marketing. Now we are in the eighth month of the year and running our marketing campaigns at full throttle. Yet there seems to be a hiccup in the system and perhaps you’ve overlooked something in your data. We can use Google analytics (only if we have set it up) to track the data and see where we are screeching. There is only four more months left in the year to improve your business. How can Google analytics help us improve your business and ourselves?

How can Google analytics help us improve our workflow?

If you have set up Google analytics on your website or had your designer do it. You can log into your dashboard to see all sorts of data. Hopefully, this is not the very first time that you logged into your analytics account. If you have not set up the account, you should do this now or have your tech wizard handle it for you. For those who are using GA now, you can click on the admin settings, if you’re not already on the admin page. On this screen, you will see the account, the property, and view drop-down menus.

Now if you go down into the goal setting on the view section, you can see and track your website goals. If you do not have a goal set up, then you are going to have some major issues with your marketing. You need goals to measure the progress of your campaigns, content and other activities. Without data, your marketing is like throwing darts in the dark and without the cool glow to the tips. It’s not too late to start up a goal and start measuring results.

Under the audience tab is the overview, this is where you can get some general ideas of what your audience is looking at, how much time they are spending on your site and where. You can drill down and see behaviors and how many are new or returning visitors? The data collected here can help you improve your marketing efforts, by creating a baseline and taking a snapshot every month or quarter. You can then see if your efforts are worthwhile. It’s important to know where you’re successful at and where you’re weak in. You can create alerts to receive updates from your dashboard for you to review.

Some marketers spend a lot of time in Google Analytics as a prime source to gauge their content and sales efforts. Maybe it’s time for you to spend some time considering it as well.

Improve Your Marketing-David Feinstein

David Feinstein


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