“Inch by Inch It is a Cinch” By John Hackett Ed.D.

 “Inch by Inch It is a Cinch”Build a Habit of Consistency using the Four Cs + 1 Model with the 1% Rule

Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day, while failure is simply a few errors in judgment repeated every day. Jim Rohn

Here We are! It is February 2021, and 7/12 or 1/12 of the sales year has passed, depending on your company fiscal year.

You probably started the year off with big ambitious goals. Those goals may include new team members. New car, winning that trip a bonus, the sales court, etc. How are you doing on those plans? Are you flying ahead and worried about how to sustain your progress, or are you feeling stuck and wondering how to get going again?

Both scenarios are common in network marketing /direct sales, and both can feel a bit overwhelming. It is great to have big goals and make progress. It is also very possible to get stuck. In both cases, It is important to remember the sales year goals are not an event; it is a journey.

Interestingly being in this position at about this time of years is true for anyone who has set a new goal to achieve. I remind beginning graduate candidates about this as they start the journey to complete their doctorate. I equate the journey to a triathlon because a triathlon will require varying strength and challenge areas. Some triathletes are great swimmers and bicyclists but average runners.

This is true for network marketers as well. Some are great at sales and not so good at sharing the opportunity and adding new team members.

There are four truths about both athletic success and network marketing goal achievement. First, you must have goals for what you want to achieve. Second, you must identify areas /skills to work on and skills to enhance to achieve your goals. Third, you need to commit to an extended-term plan. Fourth, you have to consistently practice to get better.

The stumbling block for triathletes, beginning doctoral candidates and network marketers, and anyone else in achieving their goals is being consistent to get better. The devil is often in the details, and consistency and understanding what better means are two details often missed in goal achievement. The key to success in goal achievement is consistency in practice and getting a bit better every day.

Consistency is a learned skill, and like all skills must be practiced every day to become a habit and a part of your character in goal achievement.

There is, however, a misconception about the terms practice and getting better. We often hear that practice makes perfect. The truth is, as Nicki Keohouho, the co-founder of The Direct Selling World Alliance, an international coaching organization states that” practice doesn’t make perfect it makes permanent. ”

A consistent practice of workouts, a  study plan, or practice to grow your network marketing business will develop permanent behaviors to achieve your goals. Consistency means regular daily practice to get better.

Getting better is often misunderstood as well. You don’t have to be perfect. You won’t win every race, ace every assignment, or have fantastic shows and recruiting interviews every time; however, being consistent will help you along the way to achieve your goals a step at a time.

The key to reaching your goals is to be consistently better. Mary Kay Ash would often remind Mary Kay directors and consultants about consistent small steps to achieve goals saying by “Yard by yard is not so hard, inch by inch is a cinch.”

Imagine where your sales would be if you were 1% higher at each show or if you recruited 1% more people each month. This may not seem like a big deal but consider if you held  100 shows in a year and 5-10 recruiting interviews every month and averaged a 1% gain. Would you achieve your goals? This would be a big deal!

“If you break down every little aspect of cycling and improve each by 1%, the final result would be significantly different.”  Sir David Brailsford

 In the British Cycling team’s case, consistency and the 1% rule made the British team a world power.

Leadership expert Jim Rohnin, in an article in Productivity magazine, entitled Marginal Gains – How To Improve 1% At A Time wrote on how the British cycling team used the 1% method.

In 2003, Dave Brailsford took over as the performance director of British cycling. The British cycle team had not won a gold medal in the Olympics since 1908. The team’s performance was so poor that one bike manufacturer was hesitant to sell their product to the British cycling team. 

Brailsford had a simple strategy; The coach created history by taking his time to incorporate the 1% better method, also called the marginal gains technique. Brailsford was well aware that the results would take time to arrive. All his team needed to do was persist until the power of tiny gains showed up with flying colors. 

The team won a few medals in the 2004 Olympics. In 2008, Britain won 8 Gold medals while France at second could manage only 2. The brits won 8 Gold medals again in the 2012 Olympics when no other country could bag more than one gold. They also went on clock 7 world records and 9 Olympic records.No British cyclists had ever won a Tour De France before. In 2012, the team changed history by prevailing as the winners. By 2018, the team won the title 5 out of 6 times. From 2003 -2018 Dave Brailsford applied the marginal gains technique to take a team from no medals to over 150 Gold medals.

Forget about perfection; focus on progression and compound the improvement. They’re tiny things, but if you clump them together, they make a big difference. Sir Dave Brailsford

The key to the success of the British Cycling Team was the 1% rule applied with consistency.

This same approach can lead to success in any goal achievement when consistently applied. The 1% rule applied consistently can yield massive success in reaching your network marketing business by practicing the skill of consistency using the four Cs Plus one model

1 Create a space and time to reflect on your Why and your goals for this year.

Review your progress to date. Breakdown what you need to do on a daily/weekly /monthly basis to reach your goal.

2 Commit to the process consistently producing marginal gains by planning, action, and reflection.

Write your plan with the broken-down steps to practice in chunks of time. Commit to consistently build your business to be 1% better.

3 Consult your calendar and chunk out time to achieve your goals and obligations.

Chunk out your calendar time to plan, practice, and reflect on activities to grow your business based on the breakdown of your goals 1% better each day—plan in chunks of time for family, school, church activities, and commitments and schedule work time. Scheduling work time as an appointment will reinforce your commitment to building your business and enhance your focus on building business activities. Your progress on being 1% better consistently will be shown in how you follow your appointments.

4 Check in on your self and connect with an accountability partner.

Schedule a time to reflect on how the day went. You may want to ask yourself some questions to spark your thoughts. An example of reflection questions would be; What did I learn and like? What didn’t go so well? and What can you do tomorrow to be 1% better?

Reflection is crucial to your goal achievement journey as it can help you reaffirm your progress and create learnings for future progress. Hint; write down your reflections to reinforce the lessons learned and actions planned.

Connection is also vital to goal achievement. Intentionally seek out a work colleague, your director, or a coach to share your progress and challenges. Hint; This person must care for you enough to honor your activities and be honest with you about changes you may need to make. Schedule time with them as well. Scheduling time confirms the mutual commitment by both parties.

 +1 Continue, continue ,continue with grace .

Practice does make permanent. Sometimes life does intervene and toss us a curveball. When you have developed a habit of consistency to get 1% better, you will adjust and persevere and move on to the next day.

You’re using the four Cs + 1 model to be consistent, and 1% better will make life’s little bumps and detours part of your goal achievement’s exciting stories.

You are consistently working at getting 1% better every day. How you achieved those goals you felt you could not sustain or even start on in February will be a testimony to your success in your network marketing organization and a model for others. This will be your story using the  1% rule and Four Cs+1 to continue to grow as someone who can lead yourself and others.

Remember what Mary Kay Ash shared with so many in the Mary Kay sales force who achieved goals beyond their dreams,” inch by inch, it is a cinch.”

John Hackett
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