Inspired Leadership by Bruce Fairclough

If you’ve ever stopped to think about the type of leaders you’ve met in your life, they can usually fall into 3 styles or categories: 1) Managerial, 2) Motivational, and 3) Inspirational.

Managerial leaders derive their authority based on the situation. Usually they’ve been assigned or promoted into that role or title. We think of these leaders as those that manage work groups or organizations. There are usually varying degrees of “control” involved. Sometimes, this very position allows for the use of, “Because I said so!”

Motivational leaders can most often be found in a coaching setting. They are apt to use encouragement to implore their team to do things – usually to accomplish one or more goals. In this setting, the team needs their coach to be there to get the goal reached or the job done.

Do you see the place of Managerial leaders in Network Marketing? I think not. Perhaps there is a place for Motivational leaders, but again, once the leader is not directly involved, where does that leave the members of the team?

That leaves Inspirational leadership. I have always felt that is, inherently, the most effective leadership style overall – and the one most effective in Network Marketing.

With Inspirational leadership, leaders are not promoted or appointed, they evolve.

They become leaders because they have earned that relationship with those on their team. By helping others, a true servant leader makes people want to follow. They know their leader is someone who will share knowledge and look out for their best interest. After all, it is in the leader’s interest to want to see their team to succeed!

Inspirational leaders operate proactively. They set great examples. They build a team through the law of attraction and not based on external control or motivation. The word “inspire” means to “breathe in.” That’s what happens when a true leader inspires a group. The team takes ownership of the culture and they want to reach the goals for themselves.

Is Network Marketing, by its very nature, an incubator to develop great, inspiring leaders? I believe it is!

It’s that culture we should all be aware of and promote within our groups. Just remember – it all starts within you. Start by being the leader you would WANT to follow. The rest will take care of itself!

To your successful journey…

Bruce Fairclough

 Inspired Leadership by Bruce Fairclough



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