Institute a More Dynamic, Proactive System for Getting Back to People by Denis Waitley

Denis WaitleyI have learned through the years that the greatest communication problems occur when no communication takes place. Consider the following: When you receive a letter, write a short response in the margin of the letter and either fax or mail it back, within minutes after reading it. – If it requires further action, set up a time-based suspense file. If the person has an e-mail address on the letterhead, e-mail an answer. – Pick specific times to read and answer mail and e-mail. Answer all e-mails within 48 hours. If you can’t respond that soon, send a brief e-mail “will respond as soon as current commitments allow.” Read mail when phone calls are not appropriate to make or receive. Mail is best read late at night or early in the morning. Make important outgoing calls first thing in the morning. Take non-critical incoming calls, after screening, in the afternoon or early evening. – Use more handwritten notes. In the age of fax and e-mail, a note in your own handwriting signifies your special interest in that person. NULL

– Make generous use of the free electronic greeting cards on There is a salutation for nearly every occasion on that website. I send at least two musical cards per week. – Use a specific color on your e-mail that is distinctive and easy to read. Also, consider adding your photo to your e-mail and also using the new voice e-mail now available online. – As we mentioned earlier, consider sending compatible Internet telephone software to someone important to you in a distant city or another country, so you can communicate often by phone, without paying long distance charges. And, perhaps most important in the communication process, when you have procrastinated getting back to someone, or you feel someone has slighted you, or that you have offended someone… please take the initiative and make the call.

I have learned through the years that the greatest communication problems occur when no communication takes place. One of Parkinson’s most important laws is that; “The lack of communication creates a void that is quickly filled with doubt, fear, anxiety, poison and innuendo.”

Always be first to forgive. Always be willing to listen. Always be willing to make the call that everyone else is afraid to make. You’ll regret what you didn’t say or do much more than the things you did.


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Denis Waitley
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