Internet Marketing Applied to Network Marketing by George Dubec

George Dubec

George Dubec

Digital marketing.  Online marketing.  Website marketing.  Internet Marketing. These are all the same and can be used interchangeably!

There is a clear difference today between advertising and marketing, especially online.

Marketing and advertising are concepts that have been interchangeable.  Most companies In truth, never market – they advertise, and network marketers recruit

Here’s a working definition of the differences:

Online marketing, your goals are to create awareness, inform, make connections, earn trust and brand the product, service or company plus the extent of your participation. Sub-sets of this are content marketing and social media marketing.  Content is educational, entertaining, and personalized.  For the most part, it’s not promotional.  No pitch, no overt call-to-action.

Online advertising is promotional.  It has a business offer tied to direct-response copy, calls-to-action, and specific conversion goals. Pay-per-click advertising, conversation-based design and remarketing anchor online advertising.

The most important distinction with campaign strategy is:


Online marketing works best for offers that have a long sales cycle and seek to create a brand identity.

Online advertising works best with the short sales cycle where you want to convert traffic into sales ready leads.


In network marketing a company that provides a product or service does not benefit as much from online marketing.  They provide information and exposure to their program and build an ongoing story. The longer others see your involvement, growth and success with the company the more prone they are to want to find out more about your products and services and what you are doing.  You create and extend your story, implying the many ways you and your network are enjoying success and the benefits of the product or services. You need to build trust over time to get interest in your opportunity..

Network marketers are mostly looking to advertise.  Leads have an immediate, active need –  a sense of urgency!  The sales cycle is short. Leads search online for a particular product that can help them but also a business opportunity that can provide a passive, residual income. The prospects will respond to whoever has the most enticing offer that resonates with them.

Network marketers benefit little from trying to get people to subscribe to a blog, follow them on social media, or educate people on their products or services.  The main thrust is lead generation with conversion-focused content.

In these terms, it’s apparent that network marketers need to advertise far more than they need to market. Network marketing involves short sales cycles with immediate results.

With the glut of content people are exposed to online, it’s a big challenge for network marketers to create something unique and useful enough gain attention.   The ROI tends to be low.

As stated earlier, advertising and marketing get confused because there is overlap between them, and because there are no absolutes. For the most part with network marketers, creating brand-level awareness on social media or informational channels is a lot of work for little return.

Advertise and get your traffic to act.  Move them into your sales funnel and look to win the business in as short a cycle as possible.

For many, digital advertising – a complex sounding idea – is really just an evolved form of Yellow Pages ads.  The medium is different but the goal is the same:  get the phone ringing.

As we know most network marketing works best “belly-to-belly” and working your “warm market.”  Use digital advertising strategy over marketing.  If your advertising isn’t working, marketing won’t do you any good.

For network marketers, the best kind of online advertising is as follows ….

1 – Instant message your connections on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN. Twitter is not a good advertising tool for network marketing as are most of the other social media platforms

2 – Text information about your program to your friends and associates and have a good mobile website to text to new prospects

(checkout the new vCard Global program at )

vCard Podcast interview with George Dubec, that explains this great tool! (approx 28 minutes)


3 – Advertise your program on some of the new Ad Rev Share networks such as Traffic Monsoon, MyPayingAds, Zukul Ad Network, BeonPush, etc

4 – E-mail blast to a good database and new prospects with a strong offer and follow-up with auto-responders

5 –  Create a FACEBOOK fan page for your program and/or your products and services, then invite your friends, associates and prospects to view

If you would like to find out more about how to use the Internet for advertising, marketing or promoting your network marketing programs, products or services contact me at ……


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