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LindaYates1The zone really isn’t that far away. We need to just grab it!  There is nothing like being ‘IN THE ZONE!’ It is as if you are accomplishing what you desire at the very moment when the energy of the universe is blessing your efforts. What does being in the zone mean to you? Have you ever experienced that complete feeling of focus? Focus that you have determined and are in full control of.

‘The zone’ is like a crystal goblet being tapped on a hard surface and the tone that emits the air is full of energy and touches you deeply in your soul.

Saturday is sometimes the worst day for me. Because I want to complete so much on this special day reaching the zone seems as hard as it would be to herd cats. I will start-off doing one thing, then notice something else that needs to be done and before you know it I haven’t accomplished one-half of what I had desired. NULL

I believe men in general have an easier time of being ‘in the moment’ and not being as easily distracted as women. It is a known fact that the wiring in men’s brains is different than the wiring in women’s brains. That being said, let’s discuss being focused and what it takes to experience clarity so the zone can become a more frequent occurrence. The first task is defining what clarity is for you and your business. Are you running from project to project? Do you have clearly written goals and mission statements? If not, this can be the first step to reaching clarity. As you write your goals and review them often you will begin to develop a clear picture of what your priorities are and what your deepest desires are within you. Often I find that the more I re-write my goals some goals continue to remain while others fade away or become less important. Continually thinking and writing down those objectives will help keep you centered.

Forcing yourself to focus on the task at hand can be hard at first but the more and more you practice the better you will become.

I find that when I try to be in the moment, the moment is more fulfilling and the stress I feel is less. Multi-tasking is sometimes the most efficient way to accomplish tasks but it can also be overrated. For example, try driving a car while , speaking on the phone and checking your e-mail in the seat next to you. A lot is getting accomplished however, those riding in the car with you perhaps are feeling more stressed because you are not focused on the main objective and that is getting safely to where your destiny will lead you. Some of the best experiences I have had in obtaining clear and poignant focus have been when I was running. The pounding of the pavement and the will to go a certain distance is often the most centering part of my day. Everything else melts away while running and getting into the rhythm. Often I find that when I hit this zone I can solve problems or challenges that have me stumped. Inspiration flows into my mind and I am more creative.

In order to have repeated experiences of focus and clarity you need to achieve balance in your life.

It is hard to focus on any one thing if you are sick or run down. The same holds true for organizations. If there is a part of the organization that is in need of “medical” attention then do what you need to do in order to get that part in a more healthy state. That way the whole of the organization can be well thought-out and focused. By doing so you will be able to achieve your goals. Some of the best lessons in life can be learned from children. Have you ever had a child trying to get your attention when you are watching television and they come up and grab your face? This is a reminder to us that asking for what you need, is the road to achieving what you desire. Children know the importance of enjoying every moment and not taking everyday things for granted. So the next time you are feeling frantic or frazzled, stop, take a deep breath and focus on what is most important at that moment and let everything else fade away.

The zone really isn’t that far away. We need to just grab it!



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