Is Asking Questions… THE ANSWER? by Matt DiMaio

Want your prospects to say “YES” to you more often?

What is the very best method for getting your prospects to happily agree to sign up as customers or reps after your presentation?

Can you see how learning to be more persuasive would save you time, energy, and frustration?  You can, can’t you?

WAIT For A SECOND… what did you just read there?  That was a bunch of questions all strung together, one after another wasn’t it?  Yikes, I did it again, didn’t I? That was another question, wasn’t it?

OKAY. I’ll break that pattern now.

I asked all those questions to make a point and to grab your attention.


The single biggest mistake salespeople make (in ANY field, not just network marketing) is that they deliver a presentation without first knowing enough about their prospects.

Unless you know someone’s likes, dislikes, and priorities before you begin making your presentation, you have no way to address their specific interests, help them solve their individual problems, and avoid triggering potential objections.

Often networkers are so excited just to have a new prospect in their sights that they can’t wait to launch into the presentation, only to be surprised and frustrated that they got shot down in the end.


Before delivering a presentation about what you offer, you need to collect enough information about the person you’re speaking with. Doing that will help you know what direction to take in your conversation.

The first thing you need to determine is whether or not this is someone who would be a good new recruit. You need to qualify them.

Think of it as a JOB INTERVIEW.

YOU are the one who has a worthwhile opportunity. They are the potential candidates. YOU are “The Boss”. The candidate must be QUALIFIED for the position.

This is a critically important point, one you should always remember.

When someone goes on an actual job interview, the person doing the hiring asks a lot of questions before ever telling the candidate about the company, the products, the job description, and the pay. It should be the same way here.

You are going to conduct a FORMATTED INTERVIEW with your new candidate.


Suppose you were going to give someone directions to get to your house for an event.  The instructions you give them would vary from person to person, based on where they are starting from. 

The directions for someone coming to your place who lives north of you would certainly be different than for someone who is coming from the south or from the east. 

The destination is the same. The route is different.

You want to sign people up as customers or reps. That’s your destination. However, your presentation needs to be adjusted depending on where someone is mentally starting out.

Unfortunately, many networkers begin their presentations without first knowing where their potential prospect is coming from.  Doing that leads to frustration and a failed outcome most of the time.

However, if you first take the time to ask enough questions to determine where a person is coming from, then you’ll be able to tailor your presentation to those points that will make the most sense and have the biggest impact.


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Matt DiMaio
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