Is there really an Art of Presentation? by RS Mallory

Author_28387RSMalloryIs there really an “art” or secret for doing an effective Presentation? Always remember to KIS- Keep it Simple AND remember that you only have your prospects attention for a very short time. Your presentation should present the facts without fairy tale spin, and should be constructed so that it gives solutions to the prospects challenges.

Clearly, your presentation should first give a clear statement of resolution such as “The ABC Company has been helping people create financial wealth, time and money freedom, and the ability to know and spend time with their children or family for the past 21 years”. This statement touches on several goals most people seek to attain AND quietly shows that there is longevity and security with The ABC Company and is important, especially these days, since there are 100’s of new companies and “Internet deals” coming along each and every day offering little to no value.

The Technical Stuff

~ It is important to share a brief description of The ABC Company and its qualifications, history, company culture and statement of products followed by a brief overview of several of the products, pay plan, extra goodies, etc.

~ Prepare for your presentation by reviewing your notes about the prospect and use the information they gave you during your interviews to connect with their emotional and intellectual responses.

~ Education is important, and if we explain how entrepreneurship can embellish ones life and attain their goals, financial and otherwise, our presentation will resonate with them. You might include & cite statistics, one or two TRUE stories of success, and cite successful “mainstream” businessmen/women who embrace network marketing and direct sales (Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump for example).

~ Cultivate YOUR ability to ask for the sale, and practice until you can do it easily.

The Important Stuff

Remember, if we help enough people achieve and attain THEIR goals and dreams, we are really building a pathway to our own success story.

Remember that is it the Journey that counts, and that means being attentive to other peoples’ needs and desires, NOT your own.

Remember, it is your job during the presentation to BE THE MESSENGER. If you do it correctly with no other motives than to serve the prospect, you will successfully show him your business, show him how it might impact HIS life positively and then ask for his decision.

Remember, questions are GOOD. That means the prospect is engaged and has been listening and simply wants clarification.

Answer the questions clearly and concisely and then always re-phrase your response as a question back to the prospect to get a positive answer from them.


Here’s an example, “so Mr. Jane, now that you understand how our car program will help you and your wife to obtain that second car for your family, can you see how The ABC Company will be a good business for your family”?

If you are presenting in person, be sure to wear a smile, be cordial yet with a business demeanor. Shake the prospect’s hand firmly (don’t squeeze hard- this is not a strong man contest), and dress appropriately. I am old fashioned and still like to wear a business suit or tailored dress when meeting a BUSINESS PROSPECT.

Spend a few minutes reviewing the reasons they mentioned in your interview that they are interested in your business and then start your presentation. These days folks are using Tablets, old fashioned Flip Charts, Power Points etc. Personally, I prefer a flip chart rather than technology, but use what Is convenient and EASY for you and remember, whatever you choose, that it must be duplicatable and easy for the prospect to do as well.

Pay attention to the prospect as you are going through the presentation and when you see their eyes light up, take a moment and embellish whatever it is that resonates with them. You can even ask a question ~ “Larry, how meaningful is it that you might be able to generate enough money to surpass what you are able to save in the bank at 2% towards your daughter’s upcoming college fund you told me about in 4 years time; would that change your future & help the family”?

When you complete your presentation always REVIEW the things that you discovered are important to your prospect in a statement and then ASK how they would like to get started. If you have several “packages” then ALWAYS give them a choice so they can select one.


If you are presenting online be sure to wear a smile, be cordial yet with a business demeanor. Make SURE your work space or office is comfortable, private and quiet and have everything you need to make the presentation. Nothing is more unprofessional than DEAD SPACE or time during a presentation! Spend a few minutes reviewing the reasons they mentioned in your interview that they are interested in your business and then start your presentation. You can use an old fashioned Flip Chart, Power Point, PDF, videos or webinar. You can use a Google+ room if you want a face to face engagement which can make all the difference in the world as long as your poodles are not playing in the background (make sure there are NO distractions)

Make sure you have practiced any technology that you will be using so that you can make a fluid and smooth presentation.

If you are presenting on the phone be sure to wear a smile, be cordial yet with a business demeanor. Spend a few minutes reviewing the reasons they mentioned in your interview that they are interested in your business and then start your presentation. If you are using any visual aids make sure that your prospect has them printed out or in front of them so that when you refer to them they can SEE them.

Again, always make sure that your work environment is uncluttered and quiet. If you STAND UP when you are on the phone your phone voice will be more effective. Don’t forget that smile….. people can “feel” a smile through the phone or computer.

When you have completed ANY type of presentation, always review the things you discovered are important to your prospect in a statement that tells them that you have been listening to them and understand THEIR goals and that you are interested in helping them, not just “making the sale”.

Ask questions that include the solutions your company, you & your team offer the prospect. Then, ask how they would like to get started. If you have several “packages” then ALWAYS give them a choice so they can select one.

Each type of presentation is effective whether in person, on the phone or online. Personalize yours to fit your personality using the basic information. Never forget you are there to sift and sort through the folks that will make good business partners. If you do a good job in showing them how you can resolve or solve their challenges, and THEY FEEL that you are knowledgeable, capable, trustworthy and can value add to their journey, they will want to work with you 😉

This is worth saying again ~

The Magic and Success of ANY presentation is one that allows the prospect to feel you are genuinely interested in them, have a solution to their challenges or needs, and are the type of caring and capable person that can help THEM achieve their goals and dreams.

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