Is Yours a Mission Driven Business? By George Madiou

Is Yours a Mission-Driven Business?

What is your Mission? Do you need a mission?

What does a Mission-Driven Business mean to you and does it apply to an individual with a home based business?

I think it does.

If you have started a business, it doesn’t matter if it is full or part-time, you must have a mission to drive it. Without a mission, you might as well just have a Job.

A mission is more than just making money.

If that’s all you want, there are lots of jobs that you can make money at.

A business can fulfill so many things in your life. It can put you in a place where you can pursue your passion. It can turn your hobby into a career. It can turn your desire to make a difference in a difference-making business.

What is your mission? Yes even for a home based business identifying what your mission is critical. Take your time think it through. Then write your mission statement and then go for it!

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