I See You by Mark Semple

Mark SempleI see you as whole, powerful, perfect and complete. I connect with your greatness and I identify with your dreams. One of the most profound events of 2010 for me was the movie Avatar. We saw it several times at the theater and over again on DVD.

The overall message was so empowering. And, the simple phrase ‘I See You’ said so much. Essentially to acknowledge that one is seen for who they truly are.

In the context of the movie it depicted the universal power of love and true connection. Worlds, species and time simply did not matter. For me as a Coach, there was a great parallel with the coaching space I hold you in. In this space, I see you as whole, powerful, perfect and complete. I connect with your greatness and I identify with your dreams. There is no wrong and it is a pure space where you are free to be your true, authentic self with no judgment or criticism. For many, it is a strange experience initially, as they are simply not used to being able to be themselves and express their true heart, thoughts and feelings. NULL

To have your greatness acknowledged and reflected back to you is an empowering experience also. Which again, many are not used to. Unfortunately, there are way too many nay-sayers and dream-stealers out there who are keen to pour cold water on your greatness and get you to be ‘realistic’.

As a coach, I hold the space with you and walk alongside assisting in clarifying on the actions that will support you in achieving that which is fulfilling for you. And then, holding you accountable to achieve what you committed to.

Your goals are essential to give you clarity, focus and energy for the effort required to establish and build momentum. One beautiful aspect of the coaching space is that your goals are fluid and you have a blank check to change them. As you gain clarity and you emerge into your power & greatness, it is evident that you will not see anything the same way. Locking you into the goals you defined with your old perspective will not serve you. And it is, ALL about you. You deserve to have the absolute possible best that this life has to offer, and to be held in the space of your greatness. I see you Mark Semple CCC www.successfultogethercoaching.com


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