Is Success Really That Hard? by Jim Britt

Jim BrittYour future can be bright, lively, profitable and fun if you decide to embrace it. Success happens when you do the right things and do them consistently. You know this from any hobby or athletic event you’ve taken up. As you learn and practice the necessary steps, your agility and abilities improve.

You simply get better at whatever you do through education and repetition of the right actions.

My mentor gave me six things to do every day, and when I did those consistently (like practicing piano), my whole world changed… and fast! So what do you think is keeping you from making the money you want? Do you know? I do! It’s learning the right skill-sets and taking repeated action. Let’s say that you are earning $5,000 a month and you want to go to $10,000. Who would you go to for advice? Certainly not someone earning $5,000. You’d go the person earning $10,000 and find out how they did it. NULL

If you want to become a millionaire, then hanging around and learning from a millionaire would be the smart thing to do, right?

My point is this: If you keep doing what you’ve always done, hanging around and getting input from those you’ve always hung around trying to learn more, you’ll pretty much keep getting the results you are getting. Make sense? Think of it this way. You invest in keeping your car running correctly so you can freely come and go. You invest in your home maintenance so you have a roof over your head. You’ve invested time and money in every new skill you’ve learned, right? You’ve invested in starting your network marketing business, but how much have you invested to learn how the business works. The average person in network marketing spends more on lattes every month than the do on learning new skill sets. Most would rather complain than to spend money and time getting better. I was at the gym and I overheard a conversation the other day… a negative conversation. From gas prices and the economy to layoffs, this person was complaining about everything. This person defeated himself. The economy didn’t defeat him. Gas prices didn’t defeat him. His boss didn’t defeat him. He defeated himself.

That’s the power of your own suggestion. It can cause you to win or it can defeat you. Remember this: You were all born to be successful.

You may be thinking, “Now hold on Jim. If that’s true then why aren’t more people successful?” Here’s the answer. INVESTMENT. Most people don’t INVEST the time and energy developing the skills and mindset needed to be successful. If you are using the same skills and mindset that got you where you are today and hoping it will get you where you want to go, it’s not going to happen. Most people don’t invest enough in themselves to cultivate their natural strengths. Most people don’t invest enough time doing the things everyday that will move them in the direction they want. Imagine this. You’re 99 years old. You’re sitting on the front porch of your home. You start thinking about so many of the great things in your life, but then a regret finds its way into your mind. You get sad because you suddenly realize you never made the decision or took the actions necessary to create the life you promised yourself in your younger years. You rock back on your chair and let out a big sigh. A tear could form, if you let it. You wanted to accomplish that dream, but you know…circumstances… We’ve all had challenges. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all procrastinated too much. We’ve all had a bad year. We’ve all been way too scattered and unfocused at times. We’ve all felt like just giving up. BIG DEAL. Success is all about results. It’s never too late. Your results are a reflection of your decisions and actions. Results demonstrate what you believe to be true about yourself.

Your results will never be greater than the beliefs you hold.

Limited beliefs will only deliver small, unimpressive results. All beliefs are false. A belief is something that you have decided is true. The results you attain showcases to the world the depth of your beliefs, decisions, creativity and passion. Your results communicate to the world what you say to yourself and believe about yourself even when no one’s around. A result is a reflection of what you do or do not do every single day. A result is the natural consequence of a behavior and a result never lies. Everyone delivers results, regardless of the nature of their actions. Some positive, and some not so positive. A homeless person on the street corner begging for a handout produces a result. A thief delivers a result, and so does police officer in pursuit of the thief. A person who goes on welfare produces a result, as does the business owner who provides employment for others. My point is this: Everyone produces a result. But, let’s talk about your results. Whatever results you are experiencing you decided to create it. Good or not so good, you created it. A result is created by one thing…YOU and your ability to deliver, to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to move you in the direction you want. If you are not getting what you want maybe it’s time to shine a bright light into your soul, acknowledge that your current decisions and action are not working, and wake up to the fact that if you continue along the same line of behavior, your future could be in serious jeopardy. Your future can be bright, lively, profitable and fun if you decide to embrace it. You were born with a gift, wrapped and all. A unique gift. Now it’s your job to find it, decide to have it, build it, share it, or you can enjoy the regrets on your front porch. That decision is yours, not mine. I also think that most are taking “success” much too seriously, and working much too hard at it. The fact is that someone, somewhere along the way has convinced us that if something is going to be worthwhile, it’s going to require a lot of hard work and you have to get serious about it. That type of outdated belief is what stands in your way more than anything else.

Success should be fun not a struggle! If you have to struggle all the time to become and remain a success, what good is it?

Simply get good at making firm decisions, taking decisive actions and then “lighten up,” be present with yourself, and stop making everything such a complicated intellectual process. Success is a “feeling” process, a decision process. How would success “feel” to you? What decision do you need to make and actions you need to take in order to have the feelings you want? This is very important. It’s so easy to look to the left or look to the right and find somebody complaining about something. And it’s so easy to join in. Misery loves company… so they say. Well don’t do it. Don’t engage. You weren’t born to complain. You my friend were born to WIN.

Make your own economy. Work on yourself. Become valuable to others. Become attractive to others. Become a problem solver for others.

Don’t pass on a complaining, victim driven attitude to anyone. Pass on the spirit of a hero… a winner! Move forward 1% today. Yes, just 1%. Start speaking triumph over your life. Say to yourself: “I am valuable.” “People are drawn to me.” “I am talented.” “I am decisive and I take action” “I like people and people like me.” “I am the success that I seek.” You are special and unique. You are fearless. You are more powerful than you know. Much more. You were born to be GREAT. Much greater than you think. You were born to build a masterpiece called your LIFE. And if you have to turn things around quickly, then be sure to decide and act quickly. For more information on Jim’s work:


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