March 2023

Issue #209
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This month I want to acknowledge an incredible world leader Steve Lee.

Steve is a great friend of The Network Marketing Magazine and a champion of our great profession.

This successful superstar epitomizes the perfect example that represents if you really have the desire to succeed in this industry no one can prevent you from doing that.

Listen to Steve’s incredible story below and be inspired. If you have anyone in your group that REALLY wants to succeed, pass Steve’s story along.

Thank you for your incredible support of our profession, Steve Lee!

March 2023 Feature: The Prospect's Journey

This month’s focus is about…The Prospect’s Journey.

Our contributors this month have tackled this special subject in an outstanding way.

Discover the wisdom that we can use and share with our members, who are looking for guidance. What do our prospects go through when they come in contact with us or our group, and what do they think?

Check out the information that you can use and share it with your team, who are looking for guidance.

Give us your input on this special topic!

Share your thoughts at: [email protected]

Enjoy this month’s issue! George Madiou Founder & CEO

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