It’s a Good Thing…..and Necessary by Jack Zufelt

Have you heard of the self-help programs where some of the best-known motivational teachers where you are put through a lot of exercises and at the end the attendees get to walk on a bed of hot coals as a way of proving that they have mastery over their minds and fears?

The idea being that if you can bring yourself to do something like that you can do anything.

I know many who have walked on hot coals and were ecstatic when they completed their “fire walk”.  They reported that when they were across the coals they exuberantly thrust their fists in the air and danced around yelling at the top of their lungs, “Yessss! I did it!”  They are giddy with the success of that moment. And it is kind of impressive.

Where are they 3 or 6 months later? They report that their lives have not changed one bit. I have interviewed many who have gone back to do the fire walk exercise several more times hoping that maybe this time it will help – but it doesn’t. Their marriage doesn’t improve. Their income doesn’t go up and in fact, they are further in debt because of the expense of the fire walk classes.

Those participating in this kind of exercise buy into the faulty thinking that if they can walk on hot coals and do all the other exercises the guru put them through in that course, they are now equipped with the right attitude and now go and do anything….which is simply not true.

I know this to be a fact because these same people report to me that they couldn’t make their network marketing businesses grow or that they filed for divorce or bankruptcy or are still unhappy at their jobs etc. …but they can walk on hot coals with no fear.

Why do people keep going back to the same method hoping it will be different the second or third time around?

Perhaps it is because it is so exciting to be around those gurus and their emotional followers. These kinds of people are sometimes called, “seminar junkies”. The thrill of the last one has worn off and they need their next “fix” so they enroll again and again. Many people spend huge sums of money on additional, add-on, or “next level” courses without much, if any, change in their lives.

If they go to these kinds of events just wanting the fun uplifting moment experience, sorta like going to a musical concert, not expecting to make life changes then  OK. Enjoy the experience…. expensive though it may be….but don’t have unrealistic expectations about the impact it will have on their life.

Here is a quote from a popular book that makes me furious and causes many people much pain and frustration. It said, “Put your goals in writing. If you can’t put them on a sheet of paper you probably can’t do it.” This is a total lie. This is the kind of false propaganda that has been perpetrated on people of the world for far too long.  Lenin, the Russian communist dictator, who used force and terror to bring about his nefarious plans, taught that “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” 

It’s a shame, but that is what has been happening to people throughout the world, they have begun to believe things that are simply not true.

I am on a mission to reveal the truth about the inherent nature of human beings to succeed at things that really matter to them. On a scale of 1 to 100, they are the 100s.  I call those things Core Desires. And to get those 100s, something has to change.

CHANGE is a good thing. 

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