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Maran Banta

Has this ever happened to you? And beware… it may be something you’re doing when you could just be yourself instead! Now I know that if you are reading this magazine you are much too sharp to have ever done this, but maybe it has happened to you? I was just talking to a woman on the phone and she oughtta get enrolled in Kim Klaver’s next class. As long as we were talking mostly about her life the conversation was easy and flowing. And she asked me about mine and really did listen well. We made an appointment for the next day with the intention that we would each demo our product/service. And it was as if dreaded Evil Seller Spirit took over her body and voice as she went into pitch talk instead of just saying “Talk to you tomorrow” and hanging up the phone. I swear she sounded like a different person.  

She was suddenly in a race to get the most product information in front of me that she could – and it all tumbled out, including different pricing plans and how this is something brand new and how its different than anything like it ever before.

I cut her off three times with – “Great, we’ll go over that tomorrow.” Finally I was able to hang up. My question to you is have you ever caught yourself doing the same thing? And what was it about? A lack of training? – listening is a real skill. And this darlin was not listening. Fear? It sure sounded like a lot of nervous rambling. Did she really think that if she gave me enough information I would show up for the real presentation tomorrow? I think she might have learned a bunch of boy-talk scripts. Don’t get the wrong idea; some of my best friends are men. And reality as I see it is that we are simply different, men and women. And doncha love the differences? I do. Men are hunters. They get up early in the morning and go out in very cold weather and sit quietly waiting for their target to appear, they shoot making a big loud noise and if they hit the target they victoriously drag their trophy home. Now there are skills and talents involved in that whole process that I admire and value, like planning and patience and strength and more. Women are cultivators. We plant and nurture seeds and tend til the time of harvest. Again it takes an array of skills and talents. Of course women can hunt and men can cultivate –

the problem comes in when any of us, men or women, try to use presentation styles that don’t fit us, that don’t sound or feel natural coming out of our mouths.

I use my friend as an example because when we were talking just as two women getting to know each other she was an interesting person with a deal of charm – it was when she went into this pitch mode that it got painful. And it WAS painful. Having been a Coach in this marvelous industry for all these years, I know that this gal was trying to put in all the elements that she had been trained to. And I imagined her going back to her Sponsor, and yes I imagine it’s a guy and saying “I told her everything you said.” What I imagine she won’t say to him is “And I hated telling her all that stuff.” Because she was not happy or comfortable throwing up all over me. That’s the stuff that makes people run away screaming from our industry. What do I think the solution is?

To quote my Mentor, John Milton Fogg, “Lead with the product or the opportunity? Neither. Lead with the relationship.” And “Get rich slow… it just might be the quickest way of all.”


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