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Maran BantaAre men and women really all that different? Our experiences and socialization are different so of course the way we approach this business is going to be different. Are men and women really all that different? I gotta say, for the most part yes. For the most part women are more interested in shoes. Seriously, our experiences and socialization are very, very different. So of course the way we approach this business is going to be different.

I think one of the most important contributions we as women make to this industry is the idea that we must show up as authentically who we are.

 NULL Whenever discussing the inherent differences between the sexes I want to and will here, make a disclaimer. I’m not so much talking about the differences between Men and Women, as much as the differences between Male and Female in a Jungian sense. Men can be nurturing (a Female characteristic) and women can think abstractly (a Male characteristic.) Let’s take a look at Hunter and Cultivator characteristics. I was in conversation with a man recently who is passionate about hunting, and because I practice listening especially when someone is talking about one of their passions I was actually, actively paying attention. This man from Florida was telling me about his plans to get on an airplane in late November and fly to Minneapolis where his son-in-law and others would meet him and they’d drive to some remote (and COLD) place in Northern Minnesota. The plan was to spend several days getting up very early in the cold, dark morning and traveling to an even more remote spot and then sitting quietly for hours at a time, outside, in the cold and waiting for the game to appear. Then ka-bam! Big explosion from the gun firing resulting in a large animal down and bleeding in the snow. And that’s when the work starts. There’s the dressing part, then the dragging. Seems to me this is a very Male idea of fun, although a quick google tells me there are over 3 million women hunters in the US. Now let’s look at gardening. Personally I prefer it because warmth and sunshine play big roles here. We prepare the soil, plant the seeds and tend and nurture til harvest. Very satisfying for me, very Female.

It’s easy to look at our industry through either of these lenses.

The phone rings as I am writing this and it’s a man I know, who is not, yet, in my business. He is very successful in the industry at large, and he is absolutely a Hunter, though as evidenced by his call he knows the value of Cultivating. I am not building an argument that one style is better than the other. Of course I have my own style for building my business and yes, I am a Cultivator. And my style makes very little sense to my Hunter friend, even though they both work. We read about how others have achieved their success and some of those stories resonate with us, others leave us shaking our heads and saying “No one is gonna get me to do that.” And maybe especially in this industry that’s perfectly ok.

What we have to do is find the way that works for each one of us.

By all means, study the people who have achieved success. Do the things that are proven to work. Stretch and challenge yourself. Find the elements, the business building activities that not only work for you, but also feel good (for you) to do. And then do them. My company has specific daily actions that when consistently applied assure success. Most companies do. Most of them go something like “Invite people to hear your story. Tell the story. Ask people to get involved (as a customer or distributor.) Help the people who want to, to sign up. Collect a check.”

When it comes to inviting and telling the story, there are as many differences in style as there are Network Marketers.

Some feel more like Hunting, some feel more like Gardening. Both work. I love challenging and stretching myself so I’m always trying new things. And I pretty quickly know what feels good to me, what fits for me. Using the style that fits me is me showing up authentically. Struggling to adapt a style that doesn’t fit is painful. When I show up in authenticity it really is all so much easier, sure I still have to do the activities but these are activities I genuinely enjoy and when I enjoy things it’s easier to have success. Now go on – go invite someone to hear your story & tell it authentically. Here’s to your success.


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