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Maran BantaListening for direction How much detail is ‘enough’ for you to take action today? So you’re going on a road trip. You call AAA and order a Trip-Tik. Pretty soon it’s delivered to your mailbox. A huge package of maps and information about the whole area you’ll be traveling through. Love the State Guides they include, a pretty thick book about each state you’re traveling through, chock full of restaurant and motel and attractions reviews. And then of course the Tik itself, long narrow pages spiral bound at the top that have the whole trip highlighted and plenty of info about everything along the way. There are some business coaches and gurus who insist you are best off planning your life and business in the same way. I don’t think so. At least not for me.  NULL

I do know where I am and I am very clear about where I want to be.

And exactly how I am going to get there, well I just don’t think that’s my business. Once I know where I am and where I want to be I figure the important thing for me to do is get quiet and listen for directions— it’s more like a GPS than a Trip-Tik. Cause I don’t get all the details about the whole route, much less all the details about everything along the route. What I do get is equivalent to “Make a soft right turn in 400 feet.” I saw Jack Canfield talking about this in a video last week (If you haven’t seen me and a lot of my friends are really highly recommending it) – Jack compared it to driving at night, even though your car’s headlights are only going to illumine about 150 feet ahead of you, you can safely drive across the country or anywhere else you want to go, at night with only your headlights to light the way. And who am I listening to for directions? That still, quiet voice inside. I start each day at The Board Meeting. Some folks call it prayer or meditation; I like the image of a Board of Directors Meeting. A time and place to review the general state of my life, my business, my relationships. A time and place to express gratitude and make requests. I love this and I’ll have more of that please. Then something I do every day to build my business is I open my genealogy report and I read each name – and I feel good about each person. Because whether it’s someone I personally sponsored or someone down on my umpteenth level – they are all people and they are all sending cards and that means money is flowing to me. That realization makes it easy to feel good by the way. I actually just started doing this about 60 days ago. And the results have been so much fun. In the past 60 days I have had twice as many people join my group as the 60 days before that. – And guys, this is a greeting card business, don ‘cha think greeting cards generally sell a little more in November and December? And even better, even more fun, the Distributors in my group who weren’t doing anything or much, suddenly woke up and started working their businesses. I have at least six people who have been in my group for over a year and in the past 60 days they have earned their first paychecks. And I am in more and better contact with each member of my Team because I am trusting the wisdom in this method.

Rather than going through a checklist I simply ask who do I need to talk to today and then just follow my promptings, my intuition about who to connect with.

Half of the time they call me. And I’m not just talking about current Team Members; I am talking about Prospects, both customers and business builders. Now that I’m settling into the new home, I’m feeling like I want to build my business locally. This is where I am: I have a growing business. I am brand new in my town. This is where I want to go: I want to make friends and connections, gather customers and find business builders. I’ll be listening for direction. I’ll let you know how it works.


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