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Maran BantaDUPLICATION A set of single, specific daily actions

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, Let’s do it, let’s duplicate.

An often misunderstood idea.

Our business is duplicatable in a way that being a brain surgeon or a Pavarotti is not. Or is it?

My company provides all manner of hi-tech tools, webinars, lead capture pages and online trainings. We also have a great training program that details clearly and with specificity exactly what steps to take daily.

We have 8 simple steps that if done daily will take anyone about 90% toward growing their business. 8 simple steps that can be completed in an hour. We call them “8 To Duplic8.”

NULL My Mentor, John Milton Fogg taught me the efficacy of what he named Single Significant Daily Actions. John defined SSDA’s pretty much the same way. A set of Simple Specific Daily Actions that if performed with consistency would move someone significantly toward their goal. This is the practice I have been using for three years to build my business. Has it worked? Let’s see, in December 2007 I achieved the significant pin level of Executive. Out of 25,000 Distributors there are about 40 of us Executives. I have been consistently in the top 40 Team Builders in my company, and ranked as high as #14. In August 2007 I walked across the stage in Salt Lake City and was recognized for being in the Top Twenty Team Builders. I have a dynamic Team that I fall more and more in love with all the time. So yep I’d say this SSDA stuff works. Thanks John. And what’s up with the other 10%?

I’d say it’s about the Heart Commitment or Vision.

In my company we call them “I AM Statements.” This stuff is the fuel for keeping me consistently engaged with the “8 To Duplicate.” I Am attracting the perfect people to my business. I Am quickly and easily building groups of 12, and teaching others to do the same thing. I Am writing stories that touch hearts and change lives. I Am driving my dream car and living in my dream house, you get it. My formula for success has been: Finding the right Single Daily Actions. My company has outlined them for me, check in with your upline or establish your own. What simple, easy to do or not do, Daily Actions can you take that if you do these things your business will grow? Here’s a clue. If the phone weighs 5 tons it will not be a simple daily action to make 25 phone calls. It might be a Simple Daily Action to make 1 phone call. (Baby steps – take baby steps) Being in Daily Touch with my vision. I use I Am statements – there are lots of tools out there from the simple 3×5 Index Card to Vision Boards, digital vision boards, subliminal CDs (see footnote for my personal recommend.) Along with those two things I find that I work best when I am immersing myself in the culture or mindset that surrounds the work; belonging to a MasterMind, working as part of a Team or Community. And I love being at the front of the room. What in that success formula is duplicatable? There has to be enough room for the individual voice. Here are my SDAs, “My Daily 8 to Duplic8” 1) Send a Heartfelt Unexpected GreetingCard 2) Build My Contact Manager – Make a business contact via any of the following methods Warm Market-List Lifestyle Networking – you start talking to someone at Starbucks Swap & Drop – trade business cards Reciprocal Marketing – prospect your car salesman or lawyer Networking Meetings – BNI, etc Event Marketing – Tradeshows, etc Internet Marketing – you’re online, you’re a Network Marketer, I don’t need to say any more. 3) Make Contact (step 2 was just building your list, this is action). Phone Calls Emails Send a sample 4) Do a Gift Account Walk-Through This is our language for having a prospective SenderOfCards send a card themselves, essentially a demo or test-drive. 5) Follow-Up a) Send Thank yous b) Do Customer Service Check up calls c) Phone calls d) Emails 6) Setting up a New Card Sender Giving a new customer or rep all the info they need to get started. Then keeping in touch with them with the level of support they want. 7) System-Training Just what it sounds like – sharpening the axe. 8) I Am Statements Now before you go into overwhelm looking at this list, you need to know I only need 1 point in each numbered activity. #1-8 all I need to do is get 1 point in each category every day that I work. And really that can be done in an hour. Most days I work about three hours per day, so I’m doing some of those activities more than once, but I still only get 8 points. As I look over this list it gets clear that any of you can, with a little tweaking use it to grow your business. Great – enjoy. You certainly can use I Am’s. I hope you do. The stuff works. As to MasterMind, Community, Coaching (as in get a Coach and learn how to be a Coach to your Team), Mentor-Mentee relationships – I am always in them. So, there you go. What do you think? Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, Let’s do it, let’s duplicate! (Here’s an unsolicited Testimonial: my pal Margie Aliprandi has the very coolest software that allows you to record your I Am Statements in your own voice as a subliminal recording with music and everything! They are super. You can find Margie Aliprandi right here at – Browse Authors, ask her about Mind Make Over Magic – I don’t have any kind of affiliate deal with Margie, the tool is just all that good.)


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