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rod nicholsIf you get back to these basics, you will watch your business explode and your checks skyrocket!  Football season is just around the corner and it’s one of my favorite times of year. I grew up watching some of the greats: Johnny Unitas, Bart Star, and Joe Namath. Bart Star played for the Green Bay Packers who were at that time coached by probably the best coach ever, Vince Lombardi. I love the story that is told about Lombardi; that every year at the beginning of football camp, he would hold up a football and say: “Men, this is a football.” Now, these were guys who had played football since they were kids and they certainly knew what a football was, but his point was, we have to get back to basics. It’s the same in network marketing.

I think we get too caught up in the Internet and technology, trying to build that perfect system that will do all the work for us. I’m here to tell you, it’s not going to happen.

 NULL Now, before you shout me down, you should know that I love the Internet and all the great technology and I use it to build my business. However, when the truth comes out, there are still a much higher percentage of people who join because someone they knew directly introduced them to the business. I’m often asked to speak to large groups of distributors. Two questions I love to ask are: “How many of you were introduced to this company through the Internet or some form of advertising.” About 10-15% of the hands go up. “Okay, how many of you were introduced to this company by someone you knew?” The rest of the hands go up –

85 to 95% of the people in network marketing are introduced to their company by someone they know. It’s what worked back in the 50’s and it still works today.

So, as Vince Lombardi might say, “Let’s go back to basics.” 1. Person-to-Person Network marketing is a person-to-person business and your best target market is still the people you know. They key is the method you use to introduce them to your business. If you go out and use the vomit approach (throw up every detail you know about your company and product), you will lose every time and soon be a member of the NFL (No Friends Left). However, if you ask the right questions and uncover the pain areas in their life, you can now introduce your business as a solution. Ask questions about their job or business, family, vacations, future retirement or investments, free time, hobbies, and health. If they mention that they are working long hours which keeps them from seeing their son’s football games, that’s a pain area. If they haven’t had a vacation in 5 years, that’s pain area. If they feel tired all the time, that’s a pain area. Once you have a few pain areas, you just let them know that you might have a solution and find out if they would be interested in hearing about it. Now you’re bringing them a solution to the pain in their life, rather than trying to sell them on an amazing business opportunity. 2. Presentation How your business and products are presented is critical to your success. The worst way is to try to present it yourself. One of two things will happen: Either you are a great presenter and do an awesome presentation, which causes your candidate to believe they can’t do that level of presentation, so they can’t do the business or you do a terrible presentation with way too much information and bore them to death. Either way you and they lose.

The best way to present is to use technology – DVD’s, CD’s, Webinars, Teleconferences, and Web Sites enable you to utilize the services of expert presenters every time.

Your business candidates will receive the best presentation, which will produce better results. Plus, they will see how easy this is and that anyone can do it. Technology also enables you to leverage your time. If you can put 20 DVD’s in front of new candidates, it will take much less of your time than if you did 20 different presentations. So, look at all the tools your company and upline team offer and find a couple that you are going to use to present your business. 3. Sponsoring Sponsor people right. Do not bring people into your business with just the company kit. Make sure they purchase a product or service package, so that they can have an experience and tell others about it. Take them through the training program that is provided either by your company or upline team and make sure they have the knowledge and tools to be successful. Connect them in with webinars, conference calls, local meetings, and e-mail lists, so that they never feel alone. Help your new distributor contact their first 10 to 30 candidates by doing 3-way calls. Help them follow-up after presentations in order to answer the tough questions and handle objections. Do not leave their side until they are comfortable working on their own and then make sure you have properly trained them on how to train and support their new distributors.

Friends, this is a network marketing business, get back to basics – talk with the people you know, but do it right; present your business and products the right way; and then be a responsible sponsor.

If you get back to these basics, you will watch your business explode and your checks skyrocket!


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