It’s Not About YOU! by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsThe key is to get the focus off yourself (and the money you will make) and focus it on other people.  There is a huge myth in network marketing that it’s all about individuals. The focus is always on how to get better at prospecting, presenting, closing, and so on and all that is fine, but the real focus should be on how to help others become successful. I’m going to do exactly that in this article. For the first 10 years of my network marketing career I was a massive failure! I did everything wrong that a person could do – didn’t listen to my upline, didn’t follow the proven systems, worked it as a hobby instead of a business, focused totally on the money and my own wants and needs, etc. etc. etc. The only thing I did right was to learn from all those mistakes, which resulted in a fabulous next 20 years, during which I earned a full-time income, enjoyed total time and financial freedom, wrote four books on network marketing, and trained tens of thousands of people. NULL

In all that time, amidst all the failure and success, there was one key lesson I learned: It’s not about me! In fact I learned it from a guy who was making millions in a top network marketing company. When I asked him how to make a million dollars in network marketing, he told me to go out and make a million friends. What? That was a new thought to me, but as I began to ponder the idea, it made sense.

The key to friendship is giving of yourself with no expectation of receiving something back. That’s also one of the huge keys in network marketing.

If you focus on the dreams, goals, wants, and needs of your business candidates and downline members, you will be fabulously successful in network marketing. Here are a few key tips that will help you recruit more people, retain a larger number of those in your downline, and see greater numbers of leaders emerge in your team. First, let’s talk about business candidates. These are the people you’d love to have in your business and the typical approach is to go vomit information all over them – “I’ve found the greatest business ever. It’s going to be bigger than Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo combined. We’ve got the most amazing product ever to hit the earth and the compensation plan is out of this world. You and I are going to get filthy rich, guaranteed!!!” UGGH Who would want to join after being covered in a spew of information like that and yet that is the most commonly taught approach.

I want to give you a much better approach that will result in far more people joining your team. It’s simple – ask questions about their life.

Ask about the job or business. Ask about their family. Ask about their free time. Ask about their financial future/retirement. Ask about their health. Ask what they do for fun. Ask about upcoming vacations. By asking questions about them, you do two things. First, you’re subconsciously telling them that they are important. Second, you are letting them know that you care about them. As they answer your questions, make a mental (or physical, if you are on the phone) note of any pain areas – job not going well, working too many hours, not enough time with the family, can’t afford vacations, concerned about the financial future, etc. You might even acknowledge and accentuate those pain areas with comments or questions like “that’s terrible” “that must make you feel awful” “how has that affected the family?” “how are you feeling about that? This brings the pain to the forefront in their mind. Next, you (either at that moment or a day later) introduce to a possible solution to those pain areas. You could say something like: “Mary, the other day when we were speaking you mentioned (recount the pain areas). I could tell that these were bothering you and as I thought more about your situation, I realized that I just might have a solution. I’ve found a very simple and fun home based business that has tremendous income potential and excellent tax benefits. It has helped other people with (their pain areas) and I think it just might be a good solution for you as well. Would you be interested in learning more?” You will have a much higher success ratio with this approach, because rather than creating a confrontive sales situation, you are bringing them a solution to their troubles. Plus, they will look at your business in a totally different light – in the light of their pain. Okay, now let’s look at how you can work with those in your downline.

The key is to give. Give of your time, talents, knowledge, and money. The more you give to them, the more they will want to give back to you. This creates a great team environment that will produce tremendous loyalty and results.

Here are a few ideas: First, when a new person joins your business, invest a couple hours with them during the first 48 hours they are in your business, to learn more about them – are they married, kids, job/business, dreams, goals, interests, etc? Then help them clearly see how the business can eliminate pain areas and help them achieve their dreams and goals. Get a plan down on paper including their dreams and goals, number of hours they can commit to the business, a list of their top business candidates, and a plan of what they will do during the hours they’ve committed each week Second, when you have someone join your business, offer to send out information packets (at your expense) to their top 10 or 20 business candidates. This gets them started quickly and they don’t have to do anything. Send the packet with a letter that totally edifies your new distributor and mentions that the two of you will be calling to answer questions and provide additional information. Next, you arrange to do 3-way calls with your new distributor and his/her candidates who have received packets. Third, help your downline distributors leverage their time by doing webinars and teleconferences each week, so that they can send their business candidates and not have to do the presentations themselves. Help them with the follow-up and teach them through example how to effectively follow-up and sponsor new distributors. Once you feel like they’ve got it, kick them out of the nest (nicely) and send them on their own, but stay close in case they fall down and you need to pick them up. Fourth, encourage and recognize your downline distributors. Develop an e-mail list so that you can send e-mails and video e-mails recognizing their successes (particularly the small ones) and encouraging them on to greater and greater achievements. Let them know that you are always there for them and that they are never alone in business. There are so many more, but that’s probably enough.

The key is to get the focus off yourself (and the money you will make) and focus it on other people.

Give them yourself and become a good friend. The more people you can help become successful, the bigger your business. Their success is your success!



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