It’s Time… for Network Marketing The most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created by TNMM Editor

It really is TIME that the most remarkable form of free enterprise got the respect and recognition it deserves. This is the book that makes that case – and then some! Paperback, edited by John Milton Fogg

“Unless you are networking, soon, you may be “not working.” Network marketing is not just becoming mainstream, it’s emerging today as the dominant market trend. It’s a trend that can’t be stopped. The real question is how can you benefit from this trend?”

– Dr. Denis Waitley, author The Psychology of Winning excerpted from It’s time… for Network Marketing. Whoa! There’s a new book in town… Quoting it’s editor John Milton Fogg, “Intel inside? Intelligence… YES! Authentic, sensible, credible. No BS. No hype. Passionate.” NULL What would you expect when a master explorer of ‘relationships’ who has served the industry with excellence, decides it’s time to transform the image of network marketing? Nothing short of BRILLIANCE! And in his new book, It’s time… for Network Marketing, the most remarkable form of free-enterprise ever created, John Fogg hits the bull’s-eye. At the front of this 364 page book Fogg states: It’s Time… will once-and-for all set the record straight about what makes this business of ours so different… and so remarkable. It’s Time… will show why more and more people are noticing what a brilliant business model this is (and this book will have even more people than ever sit up and take notice). It’s Time… will silence the critics who call our industry a farce and give voice to the real people who know the truth: network marketing is a force. It’s life-changing, and it’s unstoppable. He certainly has me believing It’s Time… will do all that and more. With 52 of the brightest hearts and minds- “the best of the best in the business” Fogg claims- coming together to show and tell you (and your people and prospects) why network marketing is THE most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created, you’d best prepare yourself for a new paradigm… (Dare I say a transformation?) The authors are: Lou Abbott, Margie Aliprandi, Robert Allen, Scott Allen, Jim Bartlett, Richard Brooke, Bob Burg, Art Burleigh, Corey Citron, Len Clements, Anthony Diaz, Michael Dlouhy, Steve Dom, John Milton Fogg, Monique Gallagher, Jim Gillhouse, Lim Eng Hai, Art Jonak, Nicki Keohohou, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Klaver, Brian Klemmer, Terri Levine, Mike Lewis, Linda Locke, John David Mann, Jillian Middleton, Kathi Minsky, Warren Nelson, Rod Nichols, Shelley Penney, Paul Zane Pilzer, Mike Pottillo, Paula Pritchard, Bob Proctor, Lorna Rasmussen, Kimberly Rhodes, Kathy Robbins, Teresa Romain, Tony Rush, Roberto Torres, Tim Sales, Tom Schreiter, Bo Short, Ty Tribble, Jackie Ulmer, Dr. Denis Waitley, Diane Walker, Wendy Weiss, Lisa Wilber, Dennis Williams and Mark Yarnell Grabbing a cup of your favorite beverage to sit down and read this book, I was prepared to enjoy an intelligent, up-energy, exciting read filled with gems of wisdom about an industry I’m already in love with. It easily delivered. What I wasn’t prepared for was the visceral response of my body, as I felt the hairs on my arms raise I noticed I was compelled to sit up straighter and hold my chin up higher as I continued to read! Weird… and wonderful! This is the book the website claims will be, “a hip, hot, knock-out book about how great network marketing is. A book that blows the lid off… sets the record straight… tells the real story”…. It does. It polishes and professionalizes the heart-based network marketing industry… without compromising the head. And I’m not alone in my enthusiasm. The early feedback is… well… over the top. Be prepared to lose yourself in the pages of It’s Time… You’ll find inspiration and information you can put into practice right away… a must read must-read!” – Jane Deuber, Direct Selling Women’s Alliance It’s been awhile since I picked up a “can’t put down” book. So far, I simply love it! Gotta go to work, gotta put the book down, don’t want to… – Gary Dempsey OMG… I think I’ve finally stopped hyperventilating and slapping my forehead in the old “V-8 salute”! You’ve done it again. Blew the doors off the establishment malaise and shook the beejesus out of the industry mind funk. If you’re like me you’ll dog ear every page and want to stand on a mountain-top shouting our praises to the world! – Michael Lemm Everyone involved with network marketing or network marketers will want It’s Time… to be in their personal library. And once read… I’ll wager you won’t be able to resist sharing it upline, downline, cross-line… so pick up a few and let’s transform the public’s worldview! It’s time… Network Marketing went beyond accepted. It’s time… Network Marketing became truly admired. Indeed.


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