It’s Your Time to Shine in 2009 by Chad Bumgarner

Chad BumgarnerThe Year to Change Thousands of Lives  “There’s a reason your windshield is bigger than your rear-view mirror!” This is a quote I’ve heard many times over the past several years from one of my mentors, Dick Loehr, who passed away this past year. It’s something I’ll always remember about him, because he had that charisma that attracted people to him. I wondered for quite a while about what exactly that quote really meant, and it took a while to sink in. Here’s what I got out of it… the past is in the past! Learn from it, but leave it where it belongs! Yeah, many of you, including myself probably aren’t where you want to be in your current business, but guess what?Today is a brand-new day and the first day of the rest of your life! More than ever before, people everywhere are looking for something! The vast majority of them don’t know what they’re looking for! What does that mean to you and I? Like the topic for this month’s issue says… People Buy Into and Join People, not Companies and Products! NULL

I’ve been in my Network Marketing business for almost five years now and have learned a lot over the past several years.

More than ever, I realize for anyone to be successful in any type of Network Marketing business, they have got to Work on Themselves More Than They Do on Their Respective Businesses!

Yes, you have to take action to make your business work for you and your Team! I believe though… it all begins and ends with you as the Leader! It’s such a pleasure being in this industry, knowing we all have our hands on something that can change so many lives out there! Will you get No’s? Yes! Will you get mocked and laughed at by some of your closest friends and family? Yes! Are you willing to strengthen your mental muscles so all of that just bounces off of you, so you can achieve Financial Freedom in 2009 for you and your family? My answer… absolutely! Like a mentor of mine, David Hervey, says,

“Light Yourself on Fire and People Will Come from Miles… Just to Watch You Burn!”

Translation? Everywhere you go… be excited, smile and say hi to everyone you come in contact with, because we all have something to offer everyone out there, that as far as I know, you can’t get anywhere else! What is it, you ask? HOPE!!!!! Hope for a brighter future! Hope for them to finally be a part of something where people actually care about helping them, instead of lining their own pockets. For some reason, this was so hard for me to grasp the past 3-4 years, and honestly, if it wasn’t for this industry of Network Marketing I don’t think I would’ve ever figured it out! It’s come from reading books, especially, in my opinion, one of the main books everyone needs to read, if you haven’t already! It’s called…“The Business School – Second Edition – For People Who Like Helping People” by Robert Kiyosaki! I’ve just started reading it for the second time! Like I’ve heard many times, you have to read or listen to something an average of seven times before you’ll fully understand it! This book helps change your mindset, and get you in the frame of mind to really understand what we have our hands on. Also, I’m currently listening to a CD program called, “Jim Rohn The Weekend Event…Excelling in the New Millennium” My goal is to pass on everything I learn to as many people out there as I can, even if it only affects 1 out of every 100 people who read this article. Many have read, and heard the concepts, ideas, etc. that I’ve touched on in this article, but as long as it stimulates some to read more and listen to more positive audios, it was worth it for me. I’ll leave you all with a question that I heard asked a couple years ago, and that is…“Do you know where the most expensive ground in the world is?” Answer: In a cemetery. Many goals, dreams, thoughts, ideas and ambitions have been buried there! Don’t let that happen to you! Don’t go to the grave with the song still in you! Realize this and remember these two quotes for the rest of your life: “Everyday We’re Alive is a Great Day” – Dick Loehr “You Can’t Go Back and Make a Brand-New Start, but You Can Start Today and Make a Brand-New Ending” – John C. Maxwell It’s Your Time to Shine in 2009! Time for a fresh start and new beginnings! This is gonna be the year many of us make the decision to go all the way! Dream Big and don’t let anything get in your way! Talk to you all next month


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