It Takes a Clever One by Michael Bernoff

Michael BernoffYes, it takes a clever one to sign up for a network marketing business.  Do you remember the movie “Striptease?” It’s the movie in which Demi Moore played the part of an intelligent, beautiful mom who chose a career as a dancer to earn the income she needed to care for herself and her daughter? Why do you suppose she chose that career? Do you think it was because the jobs available to her didn’t bring in as much money, like working at Banana Republic or waitressing at Applebees? I’m guessing it was several things, but the main driver was surely because the income potential was far greater! The same thing goes for the college students who sling beers and mix cocktails at night as bartenders… again a greater income potential.

It’s simple; some people chose jobs which aren’t the easiest and aren’t in the best environment because it’s easier to make more money.

 NULL Statistically, we are seeing this ring true for Generation Y as they look at the options and choose the jobs that pay a prettier penny. Yet at the same time, there are those extra impressive Generation Y-ers that have been exposed to another great income source, network marketing. And for those clever enough to see it for what it is… a super fantastic way to make money for a long period of time by networking, talking and influencing others to join network marketing, they see it, want it and go after it. I’m impressed. In my work I meet people of all ages in the network marketing industry. And in the past couple years I’ve met more and more Generation Y-ers who are not only involved in a network marketing company, but building a business and making it work… and making it work well.

These kids are natural networkers to begin with. “Would you like to be my friend?” comes across their email every single day.

What we had to do with a phone book and a fax machine is now a 1, 2, 3 click away. Click a link and boom… another Facebook, Myspace or Linkedin connection is made. When I was asked to write this article for The Network Marketing Magazine, I got excited because it reminded me of my own choices which have brought me to where I am today. I know now what it’s really about. It’s about things other than compensation. What does a Generation Y-er get out of Network Marketing? More friends? A residual check that keeps coming in after they graduate and begin their career? More real world experience that will serve them for a life time? Let me tell you what it gave to me. I entered the world of network marketing at 17. A college friend’s mom recruited me and from there it went. And let me tell you, if my failures were many attempts at success, than I earned a huge trophy for the most attempts. After years of screwing up and struggling and then screwing up again, I finally got it. But it took a while to get there.

I had to do the “3 Ls”… look, listen and learn.

I took what I was learning about communication styles and techniques while I was getting my degree in Business Communications at Arizona State University and used it to help build my business. I listened to the advice from my mentors. I researched the world’s most influential leaders. In the end I became a leader of others and created my own easy-to-follow program for people I recruited. Here’s what I learned from building a Network Marketing business:

  • I learned how to naturally and easily build rapport with someone
  • I learned how to persuade people
  • I learned everything takes work
  • I learned nothing lasts forever, but flexibility will keep you moving forward
  • I learned how to get other people excited about my opportunity
  • I learned how to present on stage and in public
  • I learned how to talk to anyone from any walk of life
  • I learned to earn money and blow it and then earn it again and spend reasonably.
  • I learned to never build a bridge
  • I learned how to equip others with their own skills so they can be self-sufficient
  • I learned how to motivate other people
  • I learned how to train someone to follow a system
  • I learned how to help others improve their communication skills

So yes, it takes a clever one to sign up for a network marketing business. I speak to so many parents who want their children, nieces, nephews and friends to get into the industry. Because they know, in the same way I know now, what I didn’t know then.

And what those of know is that network marketing is a great way to make great money at a young age.

And for Generation Y, it’s the opportunity of a life time.


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