January 2017 People And Technology

Happy New Year to our Network Marketing Magazine family!  Our wish for you is to learn the truths of success in your network marketing business and to apply the wisdom of the ages that we have to offer you this year.  This is the mission of our 27%er movement!  If you aren’t already an Annual 27%er Success Member already, NOW is the best time to become one, and start your new year off in a powerful way!  Sign Me Up Right Now!

The theme for January 2017 is People And Technology. If you’re not into technology, get over it!  It’s here and here to stay.  What do you have to learn from this business building subject?  The leverage aspect?  The way it is used today by millennials to climb to the top in record speed?  The way Baby Boomers are using it together with their skill of relationship.  Maybe how it accelerates learning?  Explore how People And Technology relate to your business in 2017!

We want to hear from you out there and your view of People And Technology and how it effects your business. Email me at ….. George@TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com


Aim high!

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