January 2019 – Smart Marketing

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This month’s theme is about……. Smart Marketing

What is Marketing? What is Smart Marketing?   What is Smart Marketing in regard to Network Marketing? What does it take to be a smart marketer? I have two degrees in marketing, one from a fairly prestigious university, NYU. I’ve had the occasion to speak to facility members and even the president of the first college I graduated from and I was shocked to find out that these learned educators had NO clue what network marketing was!

My question to you is, what is Smart Marketing when it comes to network marketing? How do we apply the concept to help distributors succeed?

Check out what the experts have to say in this special issue and let us know your opinion.



On Monday November 5, 2018 we launched the 27%er Success System. This is a pathway to guide you to the business you’ll be proud of and the envy of the networkers that are wondering what you’re doing.

This is the launch of a new education system that will employ the teachings of some of the GREAT teachers of network marketing from today and the greats of yesterday. Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Dale Calvert, Dr Shad Helmstetter and many other proven leaders that will get you results!

This system will be available to everyone, but only those who are serious about learning the skill sets to become proficient and successful professionals (we refer to them as 27%ers) will reap the rewards from being a part of this, industry changing program. We will start explaining the 27%er Success System in detail in my article this month. This will be a year long, daily, 15 minute journey to your success. If you’re a 27%er that is willing to do the work to become the top in your company and a leader in the industry, join us! Click here to take your first step for 97 cents or get with the person that introduced you to us!

George-MadiouThank you very much!

Aim high!

George Madiou Founder & Publisher

George Madiou
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