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Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson has been a great contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine for a number of years, but I knew of Kyle as Jim Rohn’s partner. Jim was the most prolific contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine. The only contributor that wrote more articles for our magazine was me, and I had to, I’m the publisher!

But Jim was by far the #1 most brilliant contributor of all time for us in these past 15years.

I asked Kyle for permission to publish Kyles’s tribute to Jim, his friend, mentor, and partner. If you are a Jim Rohn student, this is a must-watch! It was so touching, I thought of all of our members who were mentored by Jim’s generosity as one of the greatest teachers in our industry. Enjoy what Kyle has put together for his and all of our mentor, Jim Rohn…..George Madiou

I just posted on my blog the 13-minute tribute of Jim Rohn that I helped create and I was able to watch with Jim Rohn a month before he passed away. It includes messages from some of Jim’s biggest admirers, peers and close friends including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley, Darren Hardy, Larry Thompson, John Maxwell, just to name a few (over 50 of Jim’s inner circle of friends and peers).

The second is a short video I filmed about 7 years ago of me telling the story behind the making of the Jim Rohn Tribute video and then watching it with Jim. I get pretty emotional telling the story.

If you are a Jim Rohn student this is a must watch!

Kyle Wilson’s Tribute to his 18 Year Friend, Mentor and Business Partner, Jim Rohn (and the story behind the Jim Rohn Tribute video)

Ever wonder about the stories behind the story?

There’s always more to what you see and in this Lessons From Legends, video Kyle shares the thoughts, impressions, feelings, and motivation behind creating the tribute video for his 18-year friend, mentor, and partner, Jim Rohn, after hearing Jim’s diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis in early 2009.

It was a labor of love, orchestrated by Kyle, Stuart Johnson, owner of SUCCESS Magazine, Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and Reed Bilbray, VP of SUCCESS Magazine with the intent and purpose of giving Jim a glimpse of the incredible impact he’d made on the lives of so many friends, colleagues, peers and seminar attendees.

Learn about the one person Jim would have asked about if this person hadn’t been on the tribute.

And, in addition to the peek behind the curtain for the rest of the story, Kyle shares two impactful lessons—one from Kyle and one from Jim.

May Jim’s life and legacy inspire you to reach for and pursue your dreams, to leave the world a better place, and to inspire those around you as Jim did.

Kyle Wilson
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