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Jim knows first hand that by merely making a decision in your life you can change your outcome. An example is when an individual is serious about being successful in life. Jim is an example of that! Jim Bellacera, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with you. Our theme for this month is ‘Helping Others’ and I know you to be passionate about that. Give us a snapshot of your beginnings in this industry. I’ve been self-employed since I was 19 but of course, when I was first introduced to network marketing I knew nothing about it. My friends from the early years would sure tell you that whatever it took to inspire people, whether it was charisma or what, I didn’t have it. I was a quiet, shy guy who preferred to be by himself. I recognized quickly when I got involved with network marketing that people talked about ‘the dream’. So there I was, with the opportunity to have a dream but how do you have a dream come true? I didn’t get it.  NULL

Then when I started to understand there were steps to having your dream come true, I realized I had to overcome me!

My fears were so big that I found it hard to believe that I could do it. When I first got involved I was a 27 year old self-employed carpenter. At that time there were hotel meetings where everyone wore a suit and tie. Back then I didn’t own a suit or tie and I was totally intimidated by guys who wore them. I was also intimidated by anyone with an education because my education stopped at high school. In fact, I barely made that. But, I decided I would try to ‘fit in’. So I went out and bought myself a polyester suit, some clip-on ties and started going to these meetings and listening. I had no clue what I looked like and I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was just so excited about what was being taught. Someone had said, “In order to change you have to change yourself” and I thought about what I would have to change. I knew I would have to change everything if I were to overcome the things that were holding me back.

So I became a student. I became a student of the people, the books and the audios.

I listened to tapes steadily, probably more than the average person. I would listen to at least two or three tapes a day every single day. And suddenly I was reading! Before getting involved with network marketing I read one book in my entire life! One! But I wanted the dream so bad that I was willing to change and overcome myself. My two favorite books were The Magic of Thinking Big and How to Win Friends and Influence People. I probably read each of those 20 times in one year. You see, I knew I had to make some major change if I was going to get what I wanted. Those two books became the mainstay of my entire life. And of course, I didn’t stop there. I’ve continued to read books. So I went from some long-haired carpenter who had only worked with his hands, never pushed a paper or sold anything, totally doubtful and fearful about my ability to succeed, all the way to someone who has created millions of dollars over the years and has people willing to listen to him. I’ve had the opportunity to speak all over the world, impacting people’s lives in wonderful ways and it’s been the most rewarding thing that has ever happened for me. That’s quite an evolution, Jim. Do you find that as you read and absorb this information, especially in the beginning, that you surprise yourself by hearing some of the words that come out of your mouth in conversations with people? Oh yes! That’s the story of my life! I literally have box after box after box of paperback books that I have read over the last 24 years of my life, that have allowed me to regurgitate brilliant things I’ve read. It’s often startling when I hear myself and wonder where those words came from. For instance, there are phrases that are wonderful like, “If nothing changes what’s going to change?” Most people don’t know where to go, they don’t know where to find that information or they lack the motivation to seek it out on their own because they don’t see themselves as worthy. I have a major passion. I look at the way these books and the authors that are contributing to your magazine have empowered me and impacted my life, have radically changed my life, and there is so much rich support out there. The biggest problem in life is having structure so you can stay focused. Yes Jim. Tell us more about your vision of seeing the need for a logical system that places rich information resources in one place and allows people to be guided in a logical way. Sure! Most people don’t start out at anything as a success. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run.

By having a structured, organized system it almost ensures that nothing will be left out, if you’re dialed into the system.

Without a structured, organized system life can easily get in the way. You end up scattered all over the place which can result in you being down when you most need to be up. If you’re not mentally and emotionally prepared to do your business, then days go by and sometimes weeks go by and soon months and you realize you don’t really have a business. You fell because you dropped the ball. What I created was Black Diamond University as a training mechanism for people to use so they don’t fall off track. This mechanism is universal. If you can take someone who is a baby bud, they’re full of excitement, and plug them in they are more likely to succeed. The most exciting person to work with is that naïve, gullible person that is beaming with enthusiasm and hope. If you plug them in right away, to something like Black Diamond University that takes them by the hand and walks them through the empowering steps of a structured, daily, weekly, monthly system that keeps them focused on their dream and their success, then everybody wins. Now Black Diamond University is specific to my business but the system itself is universal.

It’s like a life coach that is always there ready to meet you wherever you are.

It solves the problem of the networker who is geographically isolated or has time conflicts. It allows anyone at anytime to receive specific direction when they need it most. One of the biggest challenges is that in this business, you often have the blind leading the blind. They don’t know what they’re doing but they are excited. For instance, they have their hands on a killer product and they are excited about it but they might not realize there is more to know about the product. The same goes for the opportunity. Then they run across someone who asks for more information and they don’t know how to relay more information properly. So the system can give them that education. Another challenge with training can be a simple issue of personalities that don’t relate well with one another. If someone delivers information in a way that’s difficult for us to understand, we simply don’t absorb it. But if that same information could be delivered in a different style, by a different person, then the understanding may come. And we had to find a way to accommodate these differences.

When you have a comprehensive system that’s available 24/7 then you have something to plug everyone into that will meet them right where their needs are greatest.

Without a system you could lose some great people. A system like Black Diamond University is just a way to leverage time and information in order to meet everyone where they are in the moment. Can you give us a snapshot of what your system entails? In short it’s basically just teaching teachers how to teach teachers. What I mean by that is we first take people and teach them to set their goals. We give them some direction about books to read and CD’s to listen to but the point is that we’re not just selling them a book. We’re guiding them and telling them they need to stay plugged in on a daily and wee
kly basis. And we give them specific things to do daily and weekly so they learn to hold themselves accountable. It’s designed to keep people in the learning curve. For example, you don’t just read a book and you’re done. You haven’t mastered something just because you read a book. You have to constantly stay on the learning curve. So our goal with the system is to help you stay focused every day of your life, for as long as you want to change and grow. One of the other benefits of the system is that by using it, you create a habit so that even on those days when you might be thinking it’s too much trouble to change, you show up and take action because it’s become a habit. So it provides a constant change for the better. I’m good today and tomorrow I’ll be even better?


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