John & Nadya Melton, members of the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. by Stacey Hall

My guest in the studio this month is John Melton, who with his wife Nadya, is among the top 50 earners in the entire profession, top 3 in their company, and members of the Network Marketing Hall of Fame.

After spending 10 years building their business using traditional methods, John and Nadya realized that the cost they had to pay was too high and it was taking a toll on their family.

This led them to explore and develop various online marketing strategies until they found the formula that worked for them and their team. They have brought in over $300 million in sales and over 600,000 new customers. All without home parties, meeting presentations, and three-way calls!

During our interview, he shared their insider secrets for building and growing a profitable Network Marketing business on social media using their famous ‘ATM System.’

Watch our 17-minute interview here:

His Free offer can be found here: 

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Stacey Hall
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