Joint Ventures – Is it right for you? by Debbie Madiou

Debbie MadiouJoint Ventures are not so much in the how to joint venture, but the execution of meeting people and finding win win situations for you both Every business owner wants to increase their reach with their business opportunity. Generating increased revenues, while working smarter not harder is becoming the norm for many in business today. One of the most powerful tools you can use to build your business is Joint Ventures.

Specifically, teaming up with other people, groups, or business to expand your influence in the community, or the world.

Joint Venturing is easy for entrepreneurs like you. You already speak to people everyday. Listening to a friend or a prospect with ears on how a joint venture might work with them, could lead to more sales and distributors. Asking a contact how you can help them with their business will automatically create a joint venture. Introducing your contact to someone he did not know will lead that contact to do the same for you. NULL

What if you asked that question to all the people you come in contact with, how many new prospects you could meet. These new prospects cost you nothing. Do you have prospects or customers that love your products, but have not joined your business? You can joint venture by sharing commission or giving a referral fee.

Think of the long list of “no’s” you’ve heard. Why not turn them into joint venture projects.

Joining business networking groups is a powerful way to joint venture. There you meet other small business men and women like yourself to share your expertise with. They might not all join your company, but will share the same philosophy of sharing leads and joint venturing with each other.

The network marketing community is filled with millions of people in different companies with different products. I believe going to generic trainings and meeting networkers in other companies can create joint ventures. If someone is in a card or candle company they could be a great customer for you in your skin care company, and vice versa.

Joint Ventures can be used to acquire investors to invest in your business. The capital investment can be used to buy equipment such as computers, lists to find new prospects, initial fees to join networking groups, inventory etc. What is that joint venture worth to you and the person investing? Major companies as well as a small business are creating joint ventures all over the world today. They realize it is a great way to expand their revenues without increasing the cost of doing business dollar for dollar.

Joint Ventures are not so much in the how to joint venture, but the execution of meeting people and finding win win situations for you both.

Do it once and you will never go back to life before joint venturing!


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