Just for Today by Bonnie Ross-Parker

All of us know the expression, “What a difference a day makes.” 

Well, we decided to focus on the possibilities of one day to see what might happen with the right attitude. 

We’re NOT talking about intention.  We ARE talking about action.  Thinking about doing something is not the same as a commitment to do what you said you were going to do! 

As you begin a new year, just imagine what might happen, the possibilities you might create, and personal satisfaction by following through if you plan around one day at a time. 

Time is not negotiable.  We all have the same number of seconds, minutes, and hours.   

Make today count. Make tomorrow count.  May everyday matter.

            Just for Today, I will not tackle all of my “to-do list”, but rather, do what I can and be pleased with what I accomplish.  Just for Today, I will take the time to read, expand my awareness on an issue, or engage in an activity that is enlightening and stretches my thinking.  Just for Today, I will accept whatever comes my way. 

I know the universe doesn’t always provide what I want, but rather, produces what ends up serving my best interest.  I will accept the actions, ideas, and behaviors of others by giving them permission to be who they are.

            Just for Today, I will implement a plan of action and not fall into the trap of meeting someone else’s expectations or demands on my time. 

The operative word today is  FOCUS.  It is my intention to stay focused and accomplish the main goal of the day. 

Just for Today, I will engage in generosity by doing a good deed for the joy it will bring me without needing or expecting something in return.  I will express gratitude to people regardless of how small their influence is in the bigger picture of life.

Just for Today

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