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Ken Crawford’s father came to hear him give a speech and it was afterwards when his father suggested that Ken find a career in motivation. Your company, Weight Loss Partners, is not a ‘product’ company in the area of weight loss. You are a coaching/accountability company. Could you tell us how you got started Ken? Sure, the origin of Weight Loss Partners really goes back to when I was in my twenties working as a fitness instructor. I would have a lot of people come into the gym and ask me what my schedule looked like. Understand I was a fitness instructor before there were such things as personal trainers. So I would ask what they were looking for from me and they would comment on my willingness to hold their feet to the flame and hold them accountable and that kind of thing. NULL Then over time I noticed that people who join fitness classes and gyms or start diets together seemed to benefit from joining with other people. When I peeled back the layers and explored this I realized people were aware that they needed somebody, a partner, to keep them in the game.

I think that’s why personal training has become so popular; because people want to know that someone is going to be there for them to help them reach their goals.

It serves us to know someone is willing to be there with us through thick and thin. And that’s what really got me started on the idea of Weight Loss Partners. So how do you tie into your clients? What are some of the things you are doing that is unique to the weight loss community? Well, here’s an example. Think of a television commercial you may have seen with a well known celebrity talking about a weight loss plan. They always have that person with them who stuck with them in the trenches, who was a coach, a support. When you start to look at it you realize that having a support system is a key component to being successful at losing and maintaining weight. The problem for most people is that it’s priced so high that they can’t afford it. There are programs that exist today where you can get a ‘Wellness Coach’ but you’re going to pay anywhere from $150 a month up to $950 for one month! Obviously that’s going to out price many people who really need and want help. What we did was give thought to how we could provide that price point, where we could offer that consultant who would work with you, and make it affordable to those who wanted to lose weight. Additionally, what we found when people go through that process of losing weight, is that it’s a little bit easier when you do it in a group setting as opposed to trying to do it all by yourself. I’ll give you an example – there is a television show called The Biggest Loser. It’s a reality show that starts out with two teams of people.

The two teams are competing with one another and what happens with that dynamic is that the focus really gets off of losing weight.

It’s put more on the camaraderie, the competition and having fun with the different relationships. As a result people end up losing weight. They are locked, kind of arm-in-arm in that process of achievement. That’s one of the dynamics that comes into place with Weight Loss Partners because we put you into a team setting and we put you with a partner coach. And by the way, our coaches are personal trainers or fitness instructors or nutritionists or dieticians. So we put you in that kind of environment that gives you the beginning formula to succeed. I hear the statistics, Ken, that say 95% of all diets fail so tell us more about how your program changes those numbers. And what do your statistics show about the success of Weight Loss Partners? Well here’s what we know… the statistics say 95% of all diets fail but if you look back and really look into that you realize that 95% of all people who go on diets fail to stay on them. You know, it’s the person who makes the New Year’s Resolution to start a diet. They start and the diet really works for them. I know that from my own experience in the past. I started a diet, worked the program, lost weight and then dropped off. And what happens when you drop off is that the diet stops working! So we really need to change how we say that.

It’s not that 95% of the diets fail; it’s that 95% of the people fail to stay on the diet.

To borrow a phrase from Dr. Phil, one that I just love, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” So one of the first things people have to be willing to admit is “I am a foodaholic”. It’s okay to admit that we love food. If you’re one of those people who might be driving down ‘restaurant alley’ having no intention to eat right now, but you get attracted to the great smell of food and suddenly find yourself sitting at the drive-thru window you might benefit from admitting that you have a problem with food. At Weight Loss Partners we believe that a once a week meeting isn’t really enough to get you through. And why is that? Because food engages us all the time, every day! It’s an on-going process that doesn’t fight fair.

So we decided to incorporate three weekly conference calls that are 15-20 minutes each with your coach and with your teammates.

Now, when people first hear ‘three times weekly’ they might feel overwhelmed. Something we hear is “I don’t have time.” This is my response to that – today ‘time’ seems like the new status gauge. Today when people ask, “What have you been doing?” we don’t hear answers like, “Oh, sitting around the pool eating bonbons.” That’s not a response that indicates success today, it’s more like people are trying to ‘out busy’ one another to prove their importance. So I say, yes, we’re all busy… let’s acknowledge and accept that and let’s look at your health. And let’s talk about some of your dreams and goals around losing weight. When we start talking about that then I point out that if they really want those results they are going to have to start making themselves a priority. If that means making three calls a week for 15-20 minutes guess what? Your health is worth it! We have the calls set up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the same time with the same people each of those days. The thing about it though is the reason that we do this… because food doesn’t fight fair. Take guys at the office who all go out to the lunch buffet on Fridays. I understand that there are many women who can look at a buffet and think, “What a great value and solution for the family. With all the choices everyone will find something to enjoy.” But I think many guys look at a buffet and think not only, “Oh man, I’m going to get my money’s worth!” but today, many guys think, “Oh… I’m going to make the guy sorry for opening up this place!” Now, with these three calls a week, I’m not telling you not to go to the buffet. I am suggesting that maybe you’ll eat a little more sensibly because you’ve just had your weight loss call. Or maybe you’ll include a workout over the weekend, which you normally wouldn’t have done, because you know you have another call coming up on Monday. So, we acknowledge the fact that we are foodaholic and that this is an on-going process. Another thing that makes us different is that although we don’t follow a particular diet, what we do is say, “Let’s come to a realization that the true crust of the Earth shall rise again!” In other words, you have to acknowledge what you do and do not know. When someone logs in the get a journal page and on the journal page it has the foods you’re going to eat for the day. Let’s say, for example, for breakfast you’re going to have oatmeal. So you type in ‘oatmeal’ and it’s going to ask you how much oatmeal. You might list ½ cup of oatmeal. The calories that are associated with that meal will show on your journal page. In addition to that we give you a heart rate monitor/calorie counter wristwatch. That will tel
l you how many calories you burn throughout the day so that at the end of the day you know how many calories you’ve eaten and you can look at your heart rate monitor/calorie counter wristwatch and it will tell you how many calories you’ve burned.

These tools simply tell you what’s true. So if at the end of the day you end up with a surplus of calories, guess what? You’re gaining weight. If you end the day with a deficit you’re losing weight.



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