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rod nicholsThis is truly a business of duplicating what your upline leaders (Simon) say to do I’m sure you’ve probably heard the acronym K.I.S.S., as it’s been used very heavily in network marketing. Although I love the concept, I dislike the word typically used for the final “S”, which is Stupid. Since I know the power of words – the Bible tells us that there is life and death in the tongue – and telling someone they are stupid is speaking death, so I’ve come up with a new word for “S”. Do you remember when you were a kid and you played a game called Simon Says? One person would tell the group things to do, like stand on one foot, wave your hand in the air, smile, laugh, but if they didn’t say “Simon says” you weren’t supposed to do it, right? Well it’s the same in network marketing. This is truly a business of duplicating what your upline leaders (Simon) say to do. NULL

So the new Acronym is Keep It Simple Simon, which means in this article I’m speaking to the upline leaders and those striving to be leaders in the industry.

Simon says, “create a simple and easy to access training web site. People joining your organization should be able to access a site that will take them through a step by step getting started training. This should include placing orders, adjusting their autoship, accessing their back office system, information about their company replicated web site and how to use it, making their prospect list, establishing their ‘why’ for the business, setting goals, and contacting people. Make sure that all of your downline is instructed on how to use this training system and is teaching their new downline members to use the system.”

Simon says, “develop a simple duplicable marketing system.”

It might be something web based – stock emails that can be sent to prospects, which directs them to a web based presentation and telephone follow-up scripts. Create a video or recorded webinar training on this system and make it easily available to new downline members. If they can see how to easily do the business, they will do it. If it’s confusing, they will be paralyzed.” Simon says, “you might want to have a local marketing system too. Home meetings/parties have worked for over 60 years and they still work well today. There is nothing like a house full of excited people watching a video, trying your products, and hearing testimonials. The key is to create a simple, duplicable system that includes phone and in-person inviting scripts, a check list of what they will need to have for the meeting/party, and a step by step outline of the party itself. If you are considering adding something to the meeting, ask if this will complicate and cause people to think that they couldn’t do your business. For example, if you have a big food spread or a huge product display with banners, you will probably eliminate those people who are short on time and cash.” Simon says, “have a weekly or bi-monthly teleconference for your team. This is a place where they can connect, ask questions, hear testimonials, receive recognition and encouragement. It will keep your isolated team members more connected and engaged.” Simon says, “most network marketing businesses are too complicated for the average, crazy busy person. Show them a way they can build a business in 5 to 10 hours a week and you’ve got a winner.”

Simon says, “Keep It Simple Simon and, in time, you will develop a large network and income!”



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