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Steve_DaileyCoaching – for anybody – is needed to translate/transfer what we know into what we do My son wanted to go play airsoft today with one of his buddies. You need to know that my boy is REALLY into this. He’s got all sorts of equipment, the latest guns and ammo, cammo clothes head to toe, scopes, night vision… the works. As he’s getting all his gear ready, I can tell he’s really excited. I ask him how long they will be playing – he answers “about an hour or so”. I asked when he expected to be home – he answers “about 5:30″ (that’s 4 1/2 hours from when he leaves). I said, “Huh!? If you are only playing airsoft for an hour, what else will you be doing with all that time?” And he explains (making it clear that I was supposed to already know this) that they have to “get ready” which includes an elaborate equipment assessment, dressing in the cammo, eating (of course – he’s 16), plotting the games/contests…and who knows what else. NULL

You also need to know that my precious son struggles in school – largely due to a lack of (or no) preparation for assignments and tests. He wants to do well – really. Planning is simply a major deficit for him – more than most his age. When I pointed out that if he used the same level of planning he applies to airsoft to his school work, he would be a straight A student – he changed the subject back to airsoft. Anyway, the point is:

my son KNOWS how to plan ahead – clearly. But he doesn’t APPLY what he knows to school work. What will it take for him to make that connection? It will take Coaching and leadership; and in his case, it is a joint venture between his teachers, his Mom and me. He hasn’t translated “knowing” to “doing” and won’t unless he gets guidance, support and accountability.

Now there also must be an element of inspiration. The challenge for his teachers and me is to make school as inspiring as airsoft. Tough. There are three parts to inspiration:

  1. Making school as understandable as airsoft (the goals, objectives, and process of airsoft is much simpler to get than Geometry)
  2. Providing incentives (financial, recognition) for achievements and benchmarks
  3. Providing accountability and encouragement (he gets both from his friends in airsoft).

The bottom line: Coaching – for anybody – is needed to translate/transfer what we know into what we do. And what does a great Coach provide? The same things my son needs for success in school:

  • Specific, relevant, real-time guidance (generalities are lost to fear, uncertainty and doubt)
  • Support in the form of problem-solving, partnering to create strategy, follow through on what is being learned (just “go do it” doesn’t work, there has to be partnership)
  • Accountability (we ALWAYS do more when know someone is watching our actions closely)
  • Inspiration (goal setting, incentives, recognition, encouragement)

Whether you are a Coach or a “Coachee”…success is no more complicated than airsoft. Coach Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win © 2011,


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