Launching Your Business by Victoria Wright

If you have just joined a network marketing company, you have something very special in your hands. 

You have the opportunity to write your own story.  You have the opportunity to be your own boss without the headaches of starting a traditional business.

You are part of an ecosystem which unlike traditional business models with a President, Vice President, middle management and general workforce, the very structure is natural by design.  Network marketing creates an equilibrium where it is in everyone’s interest to collaborate rather than compete.

You have joined a unique community of like-minded individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed.  How refreshing!

So how do you make the most of this incredible opportunity?

My number one tip – be coachable!

It was Isaac Newton in 1675 who said: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”.

One of the amazing things about network marketing is that you can literally earn while you learn.  And like anything worthwhile in life, continual learning will be part of that.  The collaborative nature of network marketing means you will never, ever be short on support.

Follow the leaders in your company.  Listen to their stories and learn from them. 

Make a commitment to yourself to practice, practice and practice until you master the skills taught by your leaders.

Commit to excellence and you will achieve amazing results and be an inspiration to others.

Do not do it on your own.  Use the tools your company has available.  Connect with your upline in your early days.  Don’t be afraid that they will think of you as a burden.  Trust me, if you are contacting your upline because you are actively working to build a team, they will be more than happy to help you.  If they are not, find someone else in your upline who is!

The beauty of network marketing is that anyone can achieve success regardless of background, age, race, gender, religion, or anything else.  The only requirement – you must be willing to learn.

Like riding a bike, learning to play a musical instrument or your first day on the job, there are new skills you will need to learn.

Be kind to yourself and take your time.  Again, do not be afraid to ask for help from your upline or others in your team with three-way calls, presentations or Zoom meetings.

Obviously one of the most important skills you will need to learn to be successful in network marketing is prospecting.  And this starts with finding contacts and having ‘posture’ when you approach them, regardless of the communication method.

Developing ‘posture’ requires personal development.  Personal development is a huge part of network marketing!  Spend time each day developing yourself.  This may include meditation, planning, listening to or reading motivational books or all of the above.  Whatever works for you – just do it!

And remember, you are first and foremost a professional.  Today’s network marketer does not ‘hunt down’ and coerce people to purchase their products or join their opportunity. 

I like to think of myself as a “Professional Inviter”.  I have 100% confidence in myself, my product, and my opportunity – I am simply inviting people to take a look at the professional tools developed by my company.  As a professional, I follow up to ask what the prospect liked best and answer any questions.  That’s it – plain and simple.

I live by the mantra:  “Some will, some won’t, so what – Next!”

And another key point, never, ever pre-judge.  There will be people you believe would be perfect for your opportunity and benefit immensely from it.  Yet they will not have a bar of it and trust me, if you push too hard, you will rarely (if ever!) get them to at least give you an audience.

Then there will be those you may think would never join and so never approach, only to find they have joined with another distributor or worse, another company!

The moral here, never pre-judge.  Treat everyone the same; approach everyone with the same posture.  Be confident.  Believe 100% in yourself, your products and your opportunity.  Share the tools, follow up professionally.  Take required action and KEEP GOING!

Finally, in the words of Nike “JUST DO IT!”

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