Lead Generation and Prospecting

Welcome to the forth of the Big 6 MLM Success Principles.  Lead Generation and Prospecting

Lead generation and prospecting are vital for your business to thrive. There are several ways to generate leads and pursue effective prospecting. The most important thing to understand in the Prospect Journey is that there is a continuum. It is Reach, Engage & Convert. No matter what method of prospecting that you engage in, this continuum process must be followed to attain effective prospecting.

One of the keys to MLM Success is to identify those who are in the looking zone.

What are you prospecting for? Is it for retail customers for your products or services? Is it for business seekers to join your team? Either way, you want to look for those who are in the looking zone.

Once you have determined the type of prospect, retail or business builder, and you have established the problem that your product or opportunity solves, It is easier to narrow your search for those who are in the looking zone.

Network Marketing Prospecting

Ok, what’s next? Where do I find the perfect prospects for my product or opportunity? Believe it or not, there are more people looking for what you have to offer than you can imagine. The secret is to understand the many methods out there that will draw them out like a metal detector! Here are some ways. All you need to do is study them and implement the method that fits your personality. Stick at the method for a period of time and get great at it before becoming an expert at the next method. Here are a few highly effective methods.

Your cell phone!  That’s right. Your BEST prospects are in your pocket in your phone’s address book. These are people you already know and have a relationship with. DON’T BE ASHAMED!!! If you were opening up a restaurant, wouldn’t you tell everyone you know and ask them who they know that loves a great pizza? Although it might not be the right time, right now, for a prospect that can use your product or join you in business, that might not be forever.  They should know what you are involved in and connection might lead you to other people.

Social Media Social Media can be a powerful way to attract people to your business.  Facebook is is a great way to gain prospects from the friends you already have. Invite people to your LinkedIn page and find ways to use Instagram to attract your warm market.

Branding:  Brand you and your and your best product.  Make it a part of your signature line in an email,  your Facebook posts, and anything you do

Referrals are a powerful way to grow your business. If you ask any successful leader, most will tell you that their top 3 leaders weren’t people they knew, they were referrals from people that they knew.

Eagle File   Create an eagle file of prospects you would love to have in your business.  As your business grows keep in touch with them through holiday cards, vacation postcards, and a non-aggressive phone call   

Go for NO!   Remember the more people you contact and the more no’s you get, this will lead you closer to the yes’ that the successful people get.  Do not be afraid of the word no. The biggest leaders have heard more no’s than anyone else (and it didn’t kill them, it made them rich!)    

That’s it for today. Join me tomorrow as we learn how to keep those who just said “Yes”!

Here’s to your continued success,


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