Leaders are Found, not Made by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsIf you do a good job of presenting your case, leaders will join and you’re off to the races. Some people have it and some don’t. Unfortunately, a small percentage – probably under 5% have it. What is it? Leadership! Every person who has been in network marketing for awhile knows what I’m talking about. You’ve seen that person who does his/her due diligence prior to joining you, then takes off like a rocket. They make up their list, they call you for help, they set up meetings and ask you to speak, they are at every group presentation and training. They are leaders. They will make or break your business.

If you have leaders in your business, your business will grow on its own. They will find other leaders, who will find other leaders and so on. This is what makes a successful network.

So, how do you find leaders? They are pretty easy to recognize. Here are some characteristics to look for: NULL

1. A leader in the community, at their job, at church, or in sports. 2. Leading people at work. 3. Truly care about other people and show it. 4. Active in their church. 5. Go above and beyond the call of duty when necessary. 6. Friendly and fun. 7. Extremely high level of integrity. 8. Reliable. 9. Lead by example. 10. Organized, structured, and goal oriented. Where can you find these people? Look for them at work, the PTA, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts, church, sports, non-profit organizations, clubs, etc. You will recognize them quickly, as they are the leaders in those organizations.

Your job is to show them how they can be a leader in your organization and help thousands of people improve their lives.

If you do a good job of presenting your case, they will join and you’re off to the races.


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