Leadership VS Pushership by Jack Zufelt

Definition of Leadership…The ability of a person to guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.  

Some leaders show up and shine. We all hunt for them but they are not easy to find or attract if you are not a leader too.

So how does one become a leader and then find or cultivate other leaders?

First…know and trust this:

The ability and skill to be a leader are not hard to acquire or cultivate in others.

But that will only happen if certain crucial elements are there. If they are not there, leaders/management find themselves pushing or dragging people and that always brings about resistance and frustration because no one likes to be pushed or dragged. People willingly follow and, in fact, actually enjoy being led if they trust the leader and if they want to go where the leader is offering to take them.

My definition of leadership is comprised of four things.

1) A leader is someone who is in front of others….someone who is ahead of the pack….leading others to a place he or she wants them to go.

2) A leader knows what they are doing and knows the way to get to the end result.

3) They are someone who will do what they are asked or expected to do when the person who asked them is not there.

4) They are confident because they know the way and can get others there as well.

Many think that getting those they lead/supervise to do the following things is what it takes to be a good leader:

>Be authoritative;

>Be knowledgeable;

>Read/study recommended personal development or management skills books;

>Don’t be soft or a pushover;

>Do highly focused, intense weekly/monthly/annual goal setting;

>Put in whatever time it takes no matter what the personal expense is;

>Don’t get personally involved with those they lead;

>Attend management classes;

>Push hard to meet goals/deadlines;

>Good at time management

There are many other “techniques” taught by gurus and trainers that they say are the key to good leadership and getting people to take action. Most do not work very well. Some are an outright waste of time and effort.   

Here is one example from a few years ago regarding the super popular, best-selling book, titled   7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey…God rest his soul:   

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