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Kat McCarthyThere is no down side to becoming a student of human nature. It can only enhance your life, increase your pay check and assist you to create more powerful relationships.  There are two ways to do business: To move stuff or to move people and understanding the difference can and often does affect your bottom line in exaggerated ways. Corporate leaders of all kinds know that a smart investment of their money is in executives who know how to move people –motivate people – to move stuff. People skills are so highly valued that in any high powered corporation, you will find people who understand people occupying the highest paid positions. The same generally holds true in Network Marketing.

It is those Networkers who have an understanding of the people they are working with who tend to build and maintain the biggest organizations and reap the largest checks.

 NULL Which makes for larger profits: To move your product or to build teams of hundreds or thousands of people who move your product? So which sounds more profitable: To be great at moving stuff or great at motivating people? Does that mean that only those who naturally know how to motivate and work with others will ever make any real money in Network Marketing? The answer is yes AND no. Yes because people skills are the underlying skill of any successful business building and no because it is a skill that most successful people had to learn. Some of us are lucky enough to have been raised by people who had people skills or were exposed to the principles of motivating and getting along early; however, most people have to take the time to learn this skill. Interestingly enough, while I have always been a happy go lucky sort, when entering the world of Network Marketing, I had to learn people skills from scratch. I really didn’t get how people interacted at all and so was completely socially inept. Thankfully, I got my start with a great company that promoted monthly books and weekly cassette tapes that talked about and demonstrated different elements of interpersonal relationships, business relations and even my relationship with myself. While all of that served me in my Networking efforts, it also served me in every other aspect of my life.

Understanding how to get along with others is valuable in every aspect of anyone’s life. Knowing what motivates people and even myself has allowed me to build many really fun groups of people who do great things together.

Confidence and respect in others and myself has created a relaxed atmosphere of companionship amongst equals that supports and nourishes. There is no down side to becoming a student of human nature and people. It can only enhance your life, increase your pay check exponentially and assist you to create more powerful relationships. Whether your company has a book program or not, I highly recommend you get on one – create it if you have to. For those who read well, the goal is to read one book on people skills per month. At the end of a year you will be able to see the tangible results of your efforts in the form of a bigger business and pay check. Now factor in the exponential impact of more then one year, say 5? What would happen in 5 years if you start now? For those who don’t read as fast or as well: Read for 15 minutes every night from a book that will improve your people skills. At the end of a year, you will have improved both your reading skills and your interpersonal skills. How cool is that?

For both groups: It is important to build a habit here. People who read always have a big advantage over those who don’t because of their ability to learn new things on their own.

It is more important to read daily then it is to read for long hours occasionally, though a combination of the two can also be an asset. I was taught to read for 15 minutes every single day just before I go to sleep. The advantage of that is that the mind will take the new information and mull it over while we sleep making the learning more permanent on a subconscious level. The bottom line to all of this is that learning to get along has many benefits – some tangible and some not. A deep understanding of people and motivates them is a rewarding study that will pay you in dollars as well in the richness of human relationships and shared experiences that is not equaled by any other study. In truth, it’s one of those skills that once learned, will guarantee your success in life forever more. Now just how cool is that?? In Gratitude Kat McCarthy


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