Leader: Who Is It? by Roberto Torres

Roberto TorresSeize the moment and lead! It’s your destiny.  Definition According to Webster’s dictionary a leader is defined as a person who leads: as a: guide, conductor. The above definition kind of lays the ground work for us as to what a leader is.

A leader guides, not directs. Now the question that must be asked here if you want to know if you are a leader is are you guiding or are you directing?

We must be clear as we look at who is a leader, that we do not confuse it with power. For example a man holding hostages at a bank will have people do what he says, but not because of leadership skills, but because he has a gun, therefore he has power. He is the boss. Being a boss does not necessarily make you a leader.  NULL Destination A leader has a place he or she is headed. They are so clear as to this destination that it just radiates off them and other people see it and what to go to that destination also. A leader does not push, but rather pulls those who choose to follow by inspiring them and leading the way. Not by forcing them to follow, but just by simply lighting the way to the desired destination. Vision Vision is something that every leader has. Every leader has a clear picture of where they are going even if they have never been there before. They will find a way, because they are focused on getting to this destination they will do whatever it takes to get there.

Whether that means asking for help, learning new skills, or perhaps even adjusting the path of travel to get to the destination.

Be a Great Leader Great leaders relate to the people they are leading. They don’t claim to be someone special, just one of the people who took a stand and said this is the direction I am headed, I will help you get there if you would like me to. Great leaders trigger and shape things, they are culture builders, rather than just keeping things going by management mode. Lincoln On Leadership President Lincoln was one of the greatest leaders in our country who triggered and shaped things. The book “Lincoln On Leadership” by Donald T. Phillips shares some of the great gems that guided President Lincoln throughout his life. Here are some samples that I feel apply so well to network marketing and the leading of a team. -Remember everyone likes a compliment. -Wage only one war at a time. -When you make it to the top, turn and reach down for the person behind you. -Have malice towards none and charity for all. -Don’t surrender the game leaving any available card unplayed. -Try not to feel insecure or threatened by your followers. -Unite your followers with a “corporate mission” -Choose as your chief subordinates those people who crave responsibility and take risk. -Don’t lose confidence in your people when they fail. Do any of the above sound familiar? I am sure as a leader you have already been applying many of the gems above. If you have not been, then I would encourage you to start doing so today. Seize the moment and lead! It’s your destiny.


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